Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Holy Mary, Queen of Shepherds

As I said about last week's Sharp Practice game, my German church wasn't finished, so we went to Russia instead.

In fact, the Mad Padre had only just delivered the final piece to finish the steeple. The steeple, as sold by Sarissa Precision, is made from mdf discs stacked up. Which is OK, but really I could do better.

Church parade, or the Sergeant is steering his flock away from the Communion wine. The door is a bit small but won't really be noticed during the game.

I had been talking on Twitter about perhaps using a foam craft ball, or drawer knob to replace the steeple when Paul Edwards of www.sabotag3d.com emailed me an .stl file for a lovely steeple cupola which the Padre printed out for me. 

Soon after Mike left on Thursday I had it glued in place and continued painting.

While painting, I was looking at a lot of Google images of "German Rural Church" and I decided that I really did not like the board effect on the steeple or the pronounced gap created by the mdf meeting the roof angle. So with some careful measuring and cutting I made a paper skin and glued that over top.

Offending details


You will notice that while I was at it, I also decided to redo the roof s as grey slate. Many pictures show church spires a dark grey, but I didn't want to lose the detail of the arches on the cupola, so I went with the creamy mocha that I did the walls in and made the dome a bright Vallejo bronze.

So now my Austrians and Bavarians have a tiny little Catholic church to attend, or loot, or fight over. I should build 'Our Lady of Goats' a church yard wall too.

I'm now trying to source appropriate clergy.


  1. Wargames Foundry makes a very nice Russian Orthodox priest armed with hand cross and pistol. Old Glory makes a pack of Russian clergy, but they are not as nice in my opinion. The Catholic West have any number of friars/monks to use while the Protestant Lutherans and "Free Churches" are something I'm not sure of. Anglican clergy would serve for the most part.

  2. A very nice looking model there, James!

  3. I like your simple modifications to the steeple- subtle but definite improvement.