Monday, June 10, 2024

Really Slow Austrian Grenadiers

Now I realize that the Austrians were notoriously slow, but it's taken me four and a half months to do the TWO HOURS of painting needed to finish these guys.

I'd mislaid my 0000 pointer, and couldn't figure out what the embroidery on the busby backs looked like, and then Quar arrived, and some terrain projects, and Hot Lead, and well.... yeah.

But the Quar are done for now. So it's a chance to work on some other projects. 

Scott keeps nagging me about Russians, for some reason.

Busby details and pack straps that were waiting for that 0000 brush

Don't ask me who their parent regiments are. I picked red and blue because I like how they work together and I haven't used red or blue facings yet on any of the Fusiliers. Honestly, I don't know, or care, if there was a converged grenadier battalion that had companies with red and blue facings. I'm sure there is a handy chart somewhere that lists all the grenadier battalions and their parent regiments and the facing colours, but I couldn't be bothered.

Yes, yes. The Grenadiers were all grouped together with the heavy cavalry into the Reserve Korps in 1809. But maybe these fellows have been detached on a special duty, okay? Hush. Go read your Osprey book.

These stout fellows make a Formation of 2x Groups plus 3x Big Men for Sharp Practice, or a battalion for General d'Armee

For Sharp Practice the Austrians really only need a gun. Maybe a Group of Hussars too. After all, what is an Austrian force without Hussars?

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