Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Plastic Coftyrans

So it's taken about a month to get these fellows painted, flocked, and in front of the camera. Real Life has been getting in the way a bunch; some good, some not so much. 

I had hoped to write an amusing story, but my Muse is off searching the pantry for more tea and biscuits.

The siocast officers give a welcome boost to the Royalist command. I'm not a fan of siocast, being all flexible and bendy when you're trying to trim flash off. Some nice details like the Coftyran badge on the chest plate. Some details are lacking though; there are no scabbards or pistol holsters.

I have metal scabbards. I should paint a couple and add them. 

"I say, Byrti old snout, got any pipe tobacco going spare?"
"Dreadfully sorry, Chyzy my old termite. You've smoked it all."

A Medic made by removing the rifle from a right hand and adding a couple of metal small packs. The Laws of War naturally forbid targeting medical staff, so he doesn't need a sidearm. But his bright red helmet should protect him from shrapnel and being deliberately targeted.

I've got the Cook to remove shock. I'm thinking the Medic may have a chance to restore casualties as well as remove shock.

I needed two more Cryfen LMG gunners to complete the TO&E. Being more experienced soldiers, they both seem to have acquired packs stuffed with baguettes.

I also needed three Yawdryls to complete the TO&E. These don't have swords like the metal Yawdryls, but the Doru SMGs and gestures certainly mark them out as Big Quar shouting orders.

I have metal swords in scabbards among my Quar bits as well. I could easily add swords to the belts.

To further the First World War vibe, I needed some dedicated bombers. The grenade throwing arms and one extra grenade are on every sprue. Dan has loaned me his pill bottle full of extra grenades, so I've burdened them with extra grenades of various types.

I could have made 6 bombers, but I'm saving a couple of grenade throwing arms for a section of Trench Raiders  I'd like to build.

I haven't been able to figure out how to make rhyfle-grenade launchers however. The poses for the Harlech rhyfles are wrong, even though adding a grenade cup on the end would be easy enough.

But each company has an organic field gun. So they aren't lacking in high explosive fire support. 

To that end, here are three dedicated artillery Quar. Again, Harlechs were cut from a hand. I tried to make one holding a shell, but none of the right arms extend out enough to accommodate the bulky shell. These aren't wearing their packs, because gunners don't. 

And they will also crew the fortress/positional gun I made for Brequar Manor.

Finally, two rhyflers to finish the 4 sections that make up the company. One of them has the baguettes sack and they are looking forward to a snack of baguettes spread with the tin of Nan Ethyl's Spicy Beetle Paste found in a bombed out house.

"I'm hungry, Derfyl!"
"You're always hungry, Pythwyn."
"When's Tea then, Derfyl?"
"When Yawdryl shouts 'Brew up!' 'n not afore, kit."
"I'm glad we found tha bug paste an all."
"Aye, yon bug pate'll be champion. We'll be 'avin' our Tea just like the Big Snouts in the First Families, we will."
"It'll be grand. When's Tea? I'm hungry!"


  1. great job James. I lie the conversions and provides with me with some ideas for my own stuff eventually. I haven't touched my plastic Quar yet as I'm still going through all my metals.

    I know exactly what you mean about the siocast. it's weird stuff. I just painted up my Coftyran officers and didn't even notice the absence of scabbards and holsters. and now it's all I see. 😁

    1. Sorry about that. Hopefully you can ignore it during a game. ;)
      The metal figures are pretty great. I prefer them tbh