Monday, June 3, 2024

Plastic Crusaders

Only another week to get the Crusaders done. One nice thing about plastic figures on plastic bases is that I save about 24 hours. I can sand or paint the bases shortly after gluing the figures to them, instead of waiting a day for glue to set up. And then sanding, and waiting another day for the glue to dry, then the brown paint, and wait, probably another day, before I can dry brush the tan and glue on the flock, which then needs another day for that glue to dry.

So I now have some welcome additions to the Crusader Order of Battle including significant anti-tractor assets.

The Splagen Anti-Tractor Torpedo is a development of the rhyfle grenades fired by the ryshi heavy rhyfle. They have a kilo warhead in either an high explosive version or an armour piercing version. In the official fluff they replace the light mortars in the weapons section.

Note coloured bands to denote different kind of ammunition.

The Crusaders also get a field gun of their own. This started life as a German WW2 150mm infantry gun that was printed too small, so was given to Dan, who gave it to me. The shell is from the Airfix Coastal Gun Emplacement. But I like that it is small enough that it looks like something that could be transported by an airship in air mobile operations.

The pink gunner can crew the utility carrier that I made last May.

A quartet of bombers to complete the Bomber Section and carry on the First World War feel I want to achieve. I gave them metal grenade packs to further burden them.

A Yawdryl waving his rhyflers forward to complete the leadership needs for my company.

I tried to do another Yawdryl giving a "knife hands" gesture, but I couldn't get a convincing pose, so I repositioned the arm and put a pouch under the hand for a more dynamic "reloading" pose.

Finally a bunch of bogen and ryshi armed rhyflers to complete the sections and provide some assistants to the splagen torpedo quar.

Ryshi gunners get some extra big magazine pouches

This quar has the coveted baguette bag!

Zombiesmith has just released a humorous torpedo lugger as an .stl on the Tribe. I'll get three of those later in the summer when they're available for general sale.

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  1. very nice job. I recently painted up a bunch of crusaders as well. It's nice to see more Quar on the internet.
    I've put together some of the plastics, the arms can be a bit tricky but you nailed it.
    I do like the metal models better but the plastics are good and much more cost effective for bulking out the army.
    I have the antitractor blister but haven't touched it yet. I'm thinking it's like the Quar version of the piat. and I'm loving that field gun. I've been looking on Etsy for something similar. 😁