In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Full Battle Rattle Fire Team

I've just finished the pack of 28mm modern Canadians from Full Battle Rattle that I picked up at Hotlead. I'm quite pleased.

These are wonderfully detailed sculpts and nicely cast. I didn't have much flash to clean up. The weapons are really fine and I was worried about breaking a few muzzles off.

I painted them in much the same way that I did my 20mm figures except I tried to do some highlights on the weapons and ballistic eye wear. I also tried doing their patrol packs in temperate climate cadpat to give a bit of relief from all the arid pattern tan.

They were fun to paint up. I'm not going to switch scales though. I'm too far down the 20mm rabbit hole to go back. So these have been deployed to the modern section of my bookshelves.

But if you're already a 28mm modern gamer and already have vehicles, insurgents etc. then these are really gorgeous figures and highly recommended. Next year I may ask Alex if I can buy just the radio operator and leader from his command pack though.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Middle Earth Wave 3 Arrives

A while ago my friend Pete, who is always prowling for bargains, spotted a fellow selling some Vendel Elves on the Lead Adventure Forum Marketplace and sent me the link alerting me. He also suggested that to save postage, I have them mailed to his parents and he'd collect them when he went to visit. He visits every year and takes in Salute while he's at it.

After a few messages and a paypal transfer I was the happy owner of a goodly pile of Elves for about half what I'd have paid to buy them new. This lot comprises:
  • 1x Elf King and command group
  • 1x Elf Nobles
  • 3x Armoured spearmen
  • 4x Elf Archers
  • 2x Unarmoured spearmen
Each pack is 4 figures. So that's going to add another unit of Light Bows, and a unit of Light Foot with Missiles, plus 2 or 3 units of Elite armoured spearmen (depending on how many of the Nobles I want to use). Even though there'll be some figures going straight to the leadpile, there is one more bag of archers than I thought I was getting so I'm pretty happy really.

In other news my new Soviets got trashed in their first outing under the Chain of Command rules. A platoon of Rifles tried holding some swampy pine woods against the advancing Fascists. But an 80mm mortar barrage pinned my Maxim gun and half the force while a StuG rolled up to hammer the other half.

I also got this surprise in the post:

My friend had tried to order some 20mm samples from Butler Printed Models and got this 15mm Archer by mistake.

It's not bad on first look. I'll comment more when I paint it up.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


My wife has been observing me trying to command my Air Cadet Squadron this past year, as myself and my two key staff members all work shifts. I see my Training Officer only about once a month. It makes it hard to have those running conversations that really help get things figured out.

But when I came home from a tour of Toronto International Airport the other week, she with Daughter Number Two's advice and assistance, had purchased for me a low-end Samsung cell phone as a birthday present.
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This caused great shock and amazement among my young staff, who all think of me as a lovable dinosaur.
Image result for lovely dinosaur

It's not that I don't like technology, I just can't see the point of rushing out to buy an expensive item if it won't make my life better in some way (it's money that can be better spent on miniatures or dinners out). So far the home phone and answering machine have been working fine. Our old cell phone (complete with antenna) was good for emergencies when out with the car. Looked at flip phones and having to push the number 3 nine times to get the letter 'i' seemed like a waste of life span.I need a proper key board to text. Anything important could wait until I got home. If someone needed to talk to me they could leave a message.

Until this year.

And now to facilitate being connected to my cadets I have enabled Facebook (for real time posting to the Squadron Page) and Remind (an app used by teachers to send out class announcements) on the cell phone as well. Thus the tentacles of the Big Machine get more of a grip on me.

But my young staff officers are really enjoying being able to get hold of me more quickly when I'm not at cadets.

I think the present was more for them than me.