In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Ever since admiring Der Alte Fritz's winter terrain I've wanted to do the same.

I asked my friend Dan, who lives in a larger city, and has time off at Christmas, to use his deal-hunting mojo for me in the post-Christmas sales. He found some of those 'Christmas Village' tree sets for me at a Micheal's (a big box chain craft and art supply store) near him. You can see Dan's winter terrain in this old game report on the Mad Padre's Wargame Blog.

Bag o'trees

I had seen a couple of these at my local Canadian Tire (a big hardware & housewares chain) before Christmas for around $15-16.

Contents of one bag
 Dan found them on sale for about $6.00 a bag. He got me all the remaining stock in the store.

Size comparisons with 15mm figures (L) and 28mm figure (R)

Each bag has trees ranging from 2.5 inches (x10), 4 inches (x6), 6 inches (x3) and 9 inches (x2). The three smaller sizes will certainly be useful for 15mm battles.

126 trees!
Dan got me 6 bags. 126 trees all told. I'm thinking the Russian Front. I'm thinking Goths and Romans fighting in the snow. I'm thinking the Battle of Nancy (5 January 1477). I'm thinking the Battle of Leuthen (5 December 1757). Oh yeah. We got snow.

Now I just need a white fleece for the ground and a few bare limbed deciduous trees and I can check off another item on my list.


  1. After Christmas sales are always a good time to pick up some cheap terrain. I purchased a few bags of fir threes a couple of years ago from Canadian Tire. They were dirt cheap. Still waiting to use them but I have them based table ready.

  2. Total score for you and Dan!

    I'm thinking you could do a zombie attack in December on survivors holed up in the Christmas tree dealer's lot. I'm sure Pete G would be all over that.