In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

1st Box Done last!

I've been working on a large commission of 15mm Sudan figures for a couple of years now. 24 figure units, all individually based for playing The Sword and the Flame.

  • 2x units of red coated British line. (Peter Pig)
  • 1x unit of Camel Corps (Peter Pig)
  • 1x unit of Naval Brigade (Peter Pig)
  • 2x Nordenfelt guns with crew. (Peter Pig)
  • 1x unit of Jediyya riflemen (Essex)
  • 1x unit of Hadendowah/Beja riflemen (Essex)
  • 3x units of Ansar with swords and spears (Old Glory)
  • 3x units of Hadendowah/Beja with swords and spears (Essex)
  • plus 4 extra Ansar and Beja command and a mounted Old Glory Amir.

so about 300 figures and 2 guns. And that's just the first box. The second box is on my table waiting to be prepped!

I showed you the first unit of redcoats way back in May 2011, when I used the Army Painter dip to finish them.

This second unit though, I had a better 10/0 brush and more confidence so I tackled the belts on the British infantry the old fashioned way.
detail study of uniforms

Whole unit deployed
The bases are 15mm diameter Litko laser cut wood.

Of course now it was time to get everybody out and set up a vignette to tempt my customer in Alberta. A classic square being rushed on all sides seemed the best way to get everyone into a single shot.

The whole lot
Yes, there should be smoke from all four sides of the square, but then you wouldn't be able to see anything.

Some closeups:
Berkshires and Naval Brigade

Camel Corps
The Amir leads the Faithful
The Peter Pig are nice to paint. I like the sculpts. The Old Glory are OK, lots of animation but rough. The Essex figures weren't so great I thought. Some of the Beja had weapons to glue in that I felt could have been cast in the hand and the poses are kinda flat.

The Mahdists will look better once the flags arrive in the post.


  1. They look really good, especially the way you´ve set them up. Maybe the square is firing in volleys so two sides wouldn´t be cloaked in smoke.

  2. Very very good, splendid effect!
    Good game.