In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Canadian Platoon for Chain of Command

In between bouts of poking the lawn mower at the weed meadow we call the lawn, I got these chaps done this weekend.
New platoon, formed up in threes

I had started them back in January or February, but vita interruptus et cetera.
From above to show bases better

15mm. Mostly Battlefront with some Old Glory added in to complete things (mostly Bren gunners, 2" mortars, no. 2s for the mortars and PIATs). These all came out of my extra lead pile. While I was painting Canadians I decided to do up enough extra 2" mortars and PIAT teams to be able to dismount the Carrier Platoon if I wished.
Extra weapons teams

Leaders are on 20mm washers. Other ranks on 15mm round MDF laser cut bases from 4Ground. Bren, mortar and PIAT teams on Flames of War small bases.

Base coat of Tamiya XF-49 khaki, then flesh, the webbing was picked out with Americana craft paint khaki tan, rifles are brown and black. Boots black. Mortars and PIATs in Vallejo khaki grey. Then a coat of Army Painter dip and the camo on the helmet nest is highlighted in Vallejo green grey.
Staged action shot to show off how the Army Painter has highlighted the uniforms and picked out the webbing nicely.

Of course I can use these as a fourth rifle platoon for my I Ain't Been Shot, Mum games as well, should I ever want to stage a battalion scale, two company frontage attack (most rifle companies by lat '43 in Italy or late '44 in NW Europe only being able to field two platoons on average).

Finally, a WIP shot of the painting area. My first buntai is getting ready to take on Mikey's sohei:


  1. Nice work James and individually based for CoC. Clever. I see that we both use a khaki/buff choice for Cdn webbing rather than the green that is sometimes called for. I don't know if the greenish shade is. Ire historical, I just prefer the khaki colour.
    Looking forward to having a go at these chaps.

  2. I like the khaki too, it contrasts better. Also I don't think Canadian troops spent as much time rubbing blanco into their webbing to make it green. But yes, for British troops the webbing should be some shade of green from the blanco.