In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Monday, June 23, 2014

1st Buntai

Fresh from the flocking bucket, here they are; my first buntai (or 'team') for taking on Weirdy-Beardy's warrior monks in games of Ronin.

They are all Perry miniatures, except this guy:

The Oni
I'm not sure where he came from. I think somebody picked him up at a convention when I was first interested in doing Samurai several years back. But he came pre-primed and has been guarding the Samurai section of my bookshelf for these past years. I clipped him from his slotta-base tab and epoxied him to a washer. Even so he's still a bit bigger than the others so he will get any upgrades for size, strength and stamina. I've already called him "The Oni" or "The Ogre".

He is missing his sword and dagger, which were probably separate pieces. The antiquated armour was interesting to paint too. But it helps set him apart from the others in their black lacquered armour.

The commander of my force is this sword wielding fellow:

A late addition was this bannerman. Free-handing the three mons on the nobori was a challenge, but trying to line up three decals would have been just as awkward.

The core of the force is these four ashigaru with yari.

Fire support is provided by these two with bow and matchlock.
For my first division I've decided to take inspiration from the Typhoo tea packaging and go with black lacquered armour and red banners and sashimonos with the tea mon in white. Samurai get more personal choice in clothes, and I try to do some patterning. The ashigaru are all issued red clothes to emphasize the red theme. The yellow sashes will tie in with the planned second division, who will copy the Yorkshire tea packaging and have red lacquered armour over yellow clothes and yellow banners with the tea mon in black.

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  1. Like the colours, King & Coral snakes. Red touch yellow
    kill a fellow, or is it red touch black bad for Jack. Aw hell kill em both.