In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Rules

People keep asking about the rules that I'm  using, so here goes.

Activation/Turn Sequence
-I still have to nail this down. So far I've been using the activation rolls from FUBAR. Generally 2+ or 3+ for the Canadians and 4+ for Taliban. 3+ for Tier 1 teams and commanders, 5+ for Tier 3 local force guys. But with a lot of elements on the table  it breaks down and gets hard to remember when a turn ends. Especially with many more insurgent elements than ISAF.
-at Hotlead I "free kreigspieled" things and ran it more like a Role Playing Game with the ISAF players doing their stuff like spotting and moving and me telling them what they see, what happened and revealing  reactions.
-current thinking is to go more like I Ain't Been Shot Mum and have a card or chit for each element to control when they do stuff, if excessive amounts of suppression then they have to roll otherwise automatic

Doing Stuff
-when activated a team vehicle or leader gets to do three things in any order
-do a task (diffuse an IED, call for artillery, administer first aid etc)
-go on overwatch (reserving 1 to 3 unused actions)
-remove 1d6 suppression from a team

Movement per action
Canadians 1d6
Taliban/ANSF 1d6+2
Vehicles 1d6+3 (this is tactical movement not barreling along Route Summit)
Obstacle 1 full action to cross
Take cover/go prone 1 action

Be sensible. LAVs aren't going to be crashing through grape mounds or crossing ditches. That's what the engineers are for.

Spotting hidden insurgents or getting a Positive ID on insurgents moving in open among civilians
Fireteams 5+
Leader 4+
LAV/Leopard 3+
Coyote/Apache/drone 2+
+1 if target moving
+2 if target shooting
-2 if target in a pot field

Shooting dice per action
C7/8 or AK 1d6
C9 or PKM 2d6
UGL or RPG 3d6 (1 action to reload, -1 to cover)
C6 or DshK 3d6
25mm 6d6
Carl Gustav 8d6
120mm or Hellfire missile 10d6

Canadians shooting
Target moving open 2+
Target prone open 3+
Target in brush 4+
Target in ditch or behind wall 5+
Target in building or on roof 6
Grape huts 6 to hit and only roll half dice

Taliban shooting
Target Moving open 3+
Target prone open 4+
Target in brush 5+
Target in ditch, wall building 6

"Take cover" action moves cover up one
UGL and RPG take cover down one
25mm ignore cover except Grape Huts
120s, Hellfire and Carl Gustav ignore cover
Canadians when hit get a Body Armour save of 4+ (hit by the DshK only save on a 6)

Each unsaved hit roll 1d6
1-3 suppression
4-5 wound

Hit by cannon
1-3 wound
4-6 KIA
+1d6 suppression

Anti tank
RPG/Recoilless rifle roll 3d6 hit on 5+ front or flank, 4+ top or rear
Vehicle rolls armour dice each 5+ defeats a successful hit
Coyote rolls 4d6
LAV 5d6
Leopard 7d6
For each undefeated hit roll a d6
1-2 stunned -2 next activation
3-4 weapon destroyed (owner choice)
5 vehicle immobilised
6 vehicle knocked out all crew and passengers bail and take one hit (roll for suppression, wound or kill as shooting)
IEDs attack in the same way if the vehicle moves with 3" attack strength is variable by scenario (I  have sometimes given the Taliban  a 'pool' of points and they can make a few powerful  IEDs or several weaker ones plus dummies)

Suicide bombers attack with 3d6. I let the ISAF  have a reaction roll to see if they get a shot off first. Car bombs would be the same just bigger.

For the SA7 roll to hit
Under 12" 4+
12-18" 5+
Over 18" 6
If hit the helicopter rolls a dice
1-3 evades off table can back next turn
4-5 damaged returns to KAF
6 shot down

That's kind of where I'm at right now.
The FUBAR page has lots of good ideas.
Scroll down to FUBAR-Modern to download the Afghanistan  notes.
Poor old Call Sign 21 keeps landing in the crapper. I'm still trying to sort out rolls for calling  in support, what type and how much and when it  arrives. On paper there's loads of support, enough to shut down any Taliban  attack, but that pretty much ends the game. So the game design  issue is when does this game ending firepower arrive?

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