In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Long Time Coming

I was still waiting for my Peter Pig order to arrive and had nothing on the painting bench, when my eyes lit upon some Prussian fusiliers and grenadiers that had been primed and waiting patiently in the queue, repeatedly passed over as other armies and projects took my fancy. Victims of the "I've got enough to play with now" syndrome these fellows have sat for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS!!

Redeemed from limbo now, these reinforcements bring my Prussian infantry up to 21 battalions, comprised of:

  • 1x Guard Musketeers 
  • 3x Grenadiers 
  • 6x Musketeers 
  • 5x Fusiliers 
  • 2x Garrison 
  • 3x Frei Korps 
  • 1x Jaeger 

With the inclusion of low grade troops like the Garrison battalions and Frei Korps, I hope no one accuses me of being a power gamer.

25 years ago I carefully matched facing colours, hat lace and pant and waist coat colours to the flags. The backing of grenadier mitres and the multicolored hat prom poms were all exact for each regiment portrayed.

This batch I stopped caring. Everyone got a generic Prussian uniform of white pants and waist coat with red facings. I did vary the backs of the mitres. The Fusiliers did get actual fusilier regiment colours though. I'm not a total savage.


  1. I'm sitting here dying at that last line ;)

  2. The sort of person who would point out to me that I have the wrong colour on the facings or pompom or whatever during a game is the sort of person I don't wish to play against.

    Good job getting these fellows out of Limbo.

    1. No one ever commented or cared.
      It was more ME being anal about such things (with my own armies) and reflecting that I'm not so much anymore.