In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Muster of Hosts pt.2

More musing out loud here.....

I've dug out my box of unpainted Old Glory (and some Citadel) Wars of the Roses (and some Swiss) figures to make another list and see where I can go.

Partially Painted
20x levy billmen (5 stands w/cmdr and flag)
15x levy longbow (5 stands w/cmdr)
12x crossbow (4 stands)
12x gunners (the 2 guns I have need more and nicer crew than the three Essex chaps I got to man siege engines)
1x field gun
10x casualty figures

All useful figures that I need more of.

18x mtd Men-at-Arms (9 stands incl'd cmd)
8x hobilars (4 stands incl'd cmd)
19x mtd archers (Citadel figures, 9 stands)
16x dismounted knights w/ 2handed wpns (4 stands incl'd cmd)
24x armoured pike (Citadel figures, 6 stands)
12x handgunners (6 stands if skirmishers or 4 stands if medium inf)
20x more crossbow
6 extra cmd groups of 2 or 3 figures (cmdr, standard and some musicians)
30x Swiss Medium pike (8 stands if I only 3 figures on a couple in the back rank or add some suitable command figures)

The cavalry will come in handy. I could replace some of my second hand knights with the cocktail skewer lances, or my not-so-well painted 100 Yrs War cavalry with the cloth caparisons (they're listed among the "German" troops in yesterday's post). More command stands always come in handy; more opportunities for banners at least!
I'd like to add all the extra crossbowmen to my Swiss but they're in kettle hats and gambesons, which I don't think Swiss schutzen wore. The Citadel pikemen would be nice in that I could backbench my fragile Italian pike (lead pikes; I'm always worried one will snap off in a game), and they would look Swiss enough too, especially with a fairly generic cantonal colour, which would help bulk out the Swiss if I want them for fighting the Burgundians.
Finishing these up means I could actually field two not-that-bad Wars of the Roses armies or a pair of small, but decent Swiss-Burgundian War armies.

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