In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Monday, May 25, 2015

More Vehicles for the Battlegroup

Some more bits done for for Roto 1-15. These are all painted in the same way as the LAV.
Two trucks and a Bison for a Combat Logistics Patrol (that's new Army lingo for what we'd call a supply convoy). The trucks are straight builds. The Bison is a Trumpeter kit with extra stowage.

S&S 5 ton trucks
Bison APC
Bison APC

The Bison is obviously transporting someone of a musical persuasion, given the dusty guitar case strapped to the side. I may redo it and go easier on the dust since the ironic peace sign is obscured.

To escort them the Dragon Models Leopard 2A6M that was so frustrating to build.
Leopard 2
Leopard 2
The Leopard is a total indulgence. It should probably be off table providing fire support. But the experience of Roto 3-06 convinced the Defence Staff that the Battle group needed heavy armour. The Canadian command realized that any "collateral damage" was mission failure, so something more precise than air strikes was needed. Leopard 1A4s were pulled out of moth balls and driven off of display platforms and shipped in theatre. Once there they gave invaluable support with precise applications of high explosive. One gunner referred to his "105mm sniper rifle" after using the main gun to blow apart a Taliban heavy weapons team caught switching position. I think by 2008 we had started getting Leopard 2s.

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  1. Nice bit of info. I knew the dutch sent some Leos to the Stan but, some how missed the fact that Canada did also. Interesting.
    I was always wondering why the US army didn't bring any over. Would have been nice to have, instead of waiting a an hour for limited CAS. But nobody asks the grunt what he thinks.
    Nice job though, but I do agree maybe a little less dust...But I will say that some times are kit did actually look like that after a patrol.
    Keep up the good work.