In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 In Review

Well it's been a mixed year in the Basement of Rabbits.

Shutting down the store was a big change. Mrs. Rabbitman and I missed it at first, but the extra time and space are being put to more relaxing usage. Buying stuff for myself wholesale was cool, but in the end not worth it. There's only so much I personally need after all, and of all my varied wargaming endeavours, commission painting is the only one I've made any money at.

I certainly bashed on with the Afghanistan project in fine style, getting well over 100 figures, a dozen vehicles and a large amount of terrain done. I also got them on the table twice. So I'm very pleased with that. Focusing my enthusiasm certainly paid dividends.

Only half of the Taliban! I don't have a picture of all 13 cells plus supports.

The Samurai project has stalled however. It has proven difficult to get traction and inspiration. I did play two games, but didn't get much painted.

WW2 didn't see much either. I painted the box of PSC Churchill tanks, but have yet to blood them.

Getting a game organised has been difficult this year too, especially after the Mad Padre got reposted to Borden. The ancients, mediaeval armies, SYW, Colonial or WW2 didn't get on the table at all. So there wasn't any inspiration to paint any of my lead mountain for those periods either.

Of course finding myself looking for work over the summer detracted from my productivity. Everything has worked out better than before, but I didn't know that in July, did I? And looking over my Afghanistan miniatures and terrain I guess I really was VERY productive this year in actuality. I think the mental issue is now that all that stuff is done and packed away,  I'm looking at unfinished items from other projects on the shelves and wondering what I've been up to.

So for 2016, once I finish up the last Afghanistan pieces, I'd like to:
-get them on the table more, with Black OPS for small actions and for bigger actions maybe some homebrew mash up of Chain of Command and FUBAR meets Charlie Company.
-sort out what I'm doing with the samurai and find rules that work for me
-more WW2. Finish the FJ, finish the dug in pieces, play more Chain of Command.
-give Lion Rampant a good try out and play with my mediaeval hosts some more, maybe that will inspire some painting too!
-try to avoid taking on new projects and instead focus on the existing ones, like painting my Colonial casualty figures and dismounted Indian cavalry and perhaps some more SYW Austrians
-for the playing I think I need to sort a permanent painting area so I can have the table available for week night or Sunday afternoon solo gaming

Well, that's the plan I think. Watch this space to see how I get on.

Happy 2016 everyone!


  1. Happy New Year James! A very production 205 for you it seems. Congrats...

  2. Your work on the Afghan project alone makes 2015 a very big gaming year.
    A permanent painting area is a good thing.
    Let's look forward to OP THUNDERING DICE 2.