In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Solo Black OPS

Some time this weekend to carry on with my solo gaming initiative and teach myself Black OPS. I laid out a 4' x 4' table for an "encounter" scenario between a team of JTF2 and a mix of Tier 1 and 3 Taliban.

I wanted to include my sexy sniper team, so for 147 points I ended up with two 3 man fire teams, one with a C9 SAW, the other with a UGL, the 2 man sniper team and a 4 man command team of leader, C6 GPMG and no. 2, and a signaller with UGL.

The Taliban got a leader, a sniper, two 4 man Tier 1 cells with RPGs and PKMs and four local Tier 3 cells (one of which didn't get an RPG).

I'll let the pictures tell the story.

JTF2 on the left, Taliban on the right

Drone view of Canadian deployment

Local Taliban enter the pot field
Sniper in overwatch
Great view, can't hit a thing though!
Local Taliban move through a ruined grape hut
Tier 1 cell cross the ditch and start the fire fight
Team on left occupy a grape hut and engage the Tier 3 fighters across the ditch 
Taliban at foot bridge caught in a cross fire and cut down
More locals move up on the other flank
Fire fight across the irrigation ditch
Team 2 moves to lock down the right flank, taking out 3 of the 4 fighters
Team leader stabilises the man down
A good volley from team 1 and bad saving throws result in a lot of dead Taliban
But return fire takes down another operator
Air strike! Not terribly effective but dumped a lot of suppression on the fighters across the ditch forcing a dedication test which they failed
The remaining Tier 1 cell hiding in the bushes. I forgot to activate them!
GPMG sets overwatch and the casualty is hustled to the medevac
Getting their casualty out under cover of the air strike
Game end. Lower right Commander and Tier 3 Taliban fleeing the airstrike into the pot field. Sniper holding position on the ruined grape hut. Cell in upper left has been shot down. Tier 1 cell in the middle can't do much but cover the retreat. Canadians focused on getting wounded to the dust off covered by the sniper and GPMG.

Final thoughts. Not bad, but a lot of flipping through the book referencing different tables. I need to print of the PRS and do some pregame prep like including ROF and ranges for each figure on the orbats. Also having things like the RPG gunners activate on the King card while the rest of the cell activates on the Jack makes it hard to coordinate movement and keep cells together, but maybe that's not a bad thing.

I was disappointed by the sniper team. The points might have been better spent on beefing up my fireteams or buying some skills like "medic" or another airstrike for the signaller.

For a first go at a more detailed very small group skirmish game it was pretty good. I can see this being a good set of rules for something like Firefly games with less role play and more shooting. I remain confident that once I get the basics sorted and introduce the stealth rules then this game will really shine.


  1. That's an amazing looking game you set up there! I picked up Black Ops as well, but haven't really had much of a look at it yet - too focused on other games at the moment.

  2. Your terrain and scenery really are breathtaking !

  3. I have to echo that -- you've laid out an amazing table. It seems lush and arid at the same time.
    The game sounds fun too. There's certainly no better way to learn a rules set than to play solo. I love a solo game for its own sake too. (Although I hate fighting with myself over the rules.)

    1. Thanks!
      I'm kinda liking solo gaming just for the quiet pleasure of getting your toys out on a quiet evening or Sunday afternoon.
      It gets tough when you catch your opponent cheating though! :)