In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bills, Bows and Battered

I must say, Lion Rampant has certainly rejuvenated all things medieval in the basement of rabbits.

Finished some troops last night. These are from Old Glory's underrated but quite good 28mm Wars of the Roses line. I got them, along with a goodly measure of other WotR troops, second hand from a friend in exchange for painting a couple dozen SYW Austrian cuirassiers.

I started them a long time ago, like 6 years, then got distracted and they sat in the box until this month.

I'm still basing them on the 40x40mm squares the rest of my collection uses. Because they were part bags left over from my friend's own WotR army, and I hate leaving figures behind, I ended up with 20 shire billmen and 15 shire archers. So big units in Hail Caesar or I just don't use them all in Lion Rampant.

The flag is from a sheet of the excellent Freezywater WotR banners. I picked it to match the red jackets the billmen are wearing.

I also finished up some casualty figures to mark hits in Hail Caesar or "battered" status in Lion Rampant.

I also was embarrassed to be reminded in last week's game that I have some troops still with unfinished bases, even though I started rebasing them around Christmas 2009! So I'm endeavouring to rectify that issue.


  1. Nice looking units, well done!

  2. Good to see your medieval figures getting some brush love. I like how these WOTR guys aren't over armoured. A lot of the later medieval figures I see are rather boring, like Cybermen with halberds. Some serious owies in that last shot.

    1. These are yoemen farmers or shire levies, so not as heavily armoured as retinue troops.
      I've already done all those way back at the start of this blog! :-)