In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pulp: part 1 Cops

I realize I haven't talked very much about my Pulp stuff. Of course I haven't done much with my Pulp stuff in a while. We had some pretty wild and woolly games that got written up on the Mad Padre's Gaming Blog (and another game here.) I think our last Pulp game was maybe in 2008.

My fictional setting is Pottersville. The inhabitants are a collection of RAFM, Steve Barber, Pulp and Iron Winds miniatures. When you tell your friends you're thinking of doing Pulp gangster adventures you suddenly have all sorts of small baggies of random figures given to you. I managed to accumulate quite an assortment in very short order.

Lots of cops with Black Marias.
First up, the Pottersville Police Department. Some RAFM Call of Chthulu figures, some Steve Barber cops, and I think one of the tommy gun armed cops is an Iron Winds figure. The vans are Lledo promotional trucks made for a some company, but I primed them, painted them black with grey highlights and then made the 'Police' signage on my computer printer (select black for the text box fill and white for the colour of the lettering).
Cop section 1. The Police Captain is the Pulp Figures Sea Captain.
I use a letter/number code for all my factions. So the Police are P, the G-Men are G, the gangs are A, B and C. T for the Tong etc. The each character has a number. Big factions like the Police I'll divide into sections with a two digit system; 10-19 for the first section, 20-29 for the second, etc. The leader will be 01.
Cop section 2

A couple of detectives.
The "Flying Squad" mounted and dismounted
The motorcycle detachment is all RAFM figures. The riders come off and can be replaced by the figures on foot for when they dismount.
The G-Men. a lot of Steve Barber figures. The woman is from Pulp.
The Steve Barber figures are nicely detailed and animated but a bit small. I put a piece of cardboard underneath each to make them appear taller.

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  1. Very good..a great paint job and the police vans look the business