In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pulp: part 3 Citizens and Characters

Jack Malory, P.I.
My route into Pulp games was via the hard boiled detective novels of Dashiel Hammett and Raymond Chandler (I also enjoy the more modern version of the hard boiled detective story by Robert B. Parker and Loren D. Estleman). The moral man fighting to save his principles but still survive in an immoral world appeals to me. So here is my hard boiled hero, Jack Malory P.I. The trouble is, detective type gaming is really an RPG sort of thing, and I don't really like RPGs. But he is usually another actor set into a larger skirmish scenario involving gangs and cops (and rampaging robots, molemen and Nazi zeppelin commandos too).
Daring Adventurer and his gal.
Here's a couple of the more typical Pulp adventurers for more exotic locales. They probably arrived in a float plane, or steam launch and are searching for a golden idol. Don't know who made them, they were gifted to me by Rico. I haven't fit them into a game yet.

Objectives: kidnapped heiress, hostage and book keepers.
Assorted RAFM Call of Chthulu figures. The crazed fellow on his knees made me think of a hostage being held by gangsters and needing rescue. The gal in her slip was originally holding a knife but I thought removing the knife and making her tied to a pipe would make a convincing kidnap victim for Jack Malory to rescue. The two chaps with briefcases are the Bookkeepers for the gangs and are obviously important objectives for the G-Men to capture. The meek looking fellow in the brown managed to take down a G-Man with his wildly swinging briefcase one game!

Behind them are various piles of construction materials I made to give cover in the yards of warehouses and factories. The generator tied to the skid was also an objective in one game. It was being guarded in a warehouse by the Navy and Dr. Evil sent some henchmen to steal it, but they were foiled by the arrival of the Rocket Corps.

The Press.
Steve Barber manufactured reporter, photographer and newsboy. Never gotten them into a game either. But they intend to gather VPs by getting photos of the action.

Female characters and some cars. The brown coupe I repainted. The silver roadster came that way.

Steve Barber gals in front. RAFM ladies behind. Note the two different treatments of the same casting. My wife enjoyed consulting with me on the clothing for the ladies.

An assortment of male characters below. Pulp sailors on leave. RAFM business men. Steve Barber characters in the brown suit and white coat. I think the white coated figure is supposed to be Al Capone.


  1. A very nice collection of pulp figures.

  2. Those are some very nice pulp models! Your paintjob does them justice, top stuff!

    Just started following your blog, I like what I see here! I'll be lurking and commenting here often ;-)

  3. thanks chaps. It was fun to paint the civilian characters for a change, even if I never use them in a game!