In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Scary Old Baggage!

And no I'm not talking about my mother!

Here's the old Museum Miniatures baggage train I bought quite cheap at Hotlead:

$10 for 6 wagons is pretty good really, but my 25 year old paint job is pretty ahem ...bad. But I think some ink washing should fix that. Although I have a sneaking suspicion I painted them when I was still using enamels, so the ink may just run off without some gesso first. The solid wheels are the truly atrocious part, since spoked wheels have been around since the bronze age and I recall that Museum Miniatures sold the same models with spoked wheels as "Medieval Baggage"!

But I have enough spare spoked wheels of suitable size to replace the wheels on the 4 in the foreground. The big load of wood and the four barrel wagon look heavy enough I suppose solid wheels might be appropriate.

So I'll give them new wheels, ink wash/Army painter dip, rebase, remove the drivers and pushers and they shouldn't look too bad. Once they have spoked wheels then the 2 wheeled barrel cart, 2 wheeled cart and the two general baggage wagons would be alright with my SYW armies too I think.

And not so scary:

Those Humbers I got for $15 at the Bring & Buy. A few minutes with a paint brush and they'll be ready to go look for Jerry.


  1. Try re-varnishing them again, then inking, it may help the ink sit in the crevices more, I wouldn't take the wheels off though, they look fine to me, ,it could work out more trouble than it's worth!!

  2. I think I was using 'super glue' back then. So the bond won't be very good. If they don't just pop off easily I'll leave them.

  3. Lot's of area still used solid disc wheels. They're shown in Goya prints. What army did you want them for?

  4. Food for thought. The armies they'd potentially be used for would be German/gothic migration (4th/5th cent AD), Romans (1st cent BC to 5 th cent AD) and SYW era Prussians and Austrians.