In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, December 31, 2023

2023: the Year of Unexpected Projects

It's been a funny old year.

My painting, and gaming, has been all over the place. Dan giving me a copy of Xenos Rampant definitely took things in an unexpected direction and got my 15mm Expanse stuff out of the box and some terrain built, plus a few things knocked off the leadpile.

But Middle Earth wasn't totally neglected either, with useful additions to the goblins painted and 36 dwarves added to the hosts of Durin. There's still another 3 dozen to go I think.

Very pleased with my Dwarf supply echelon

And Hobbits. Random musings resulted in my acquiring a complete new army of Hobbits, who managed to have a small solo game.

Goblins invade the Shire!

The Battle of Bicklethorn Farm

Napoleonics weren't completely neglected. I did add some more to my 1809 Austrian force, and there was a game of General d'Armee with Scott, but not much Sharp Practice action.

The big surprise from out in left field were the Quar. Their grimsical, goofy, dumpy, comically depressed nature, and the openness of the Quar community seized my imagination like nothing else has really. So the bellicose bug-eating denizens of Alwynd occupied a lot of my mental space this year with painting, building, terrain making, and some games.

A refurbished VSF tank is given a new lease on life.

A Boer War pom-pom gun is dug out of storage

Several games were played

Dan has been very generous; building me a command tractor, giving me an airplane and trenches, plus a couple of armoured cars and the quirky field kitchen.

Made some wire entanglements to go with the trenches Dan gave me.

Giant command post tractor Dan kit bashed for me

The other big surprise was blowing the dust off my long neglected Samurai. I'd been neglecting them for so long I was starting to think I should sell them. Watching Ran on Prime, and not having any Quar to paint, gave me a burst of enthusiasm. Getting back to my painting fundamentals, meant that I managed to assemble and paint everything that I'd had sitting in the box for 10 years. So I promptly ordered more, as you do, because the sides were unbalanced, and I'd like an in-house opponent for my Daimyo.

The Lord of Tea

battle with rebels

Last finished figures for 2023

Last finished figures for 2023

Coming down with RSV just before Christmas has sapped my energy, so the usual holiday flurry of painting and playing hasn't happened this year. But the Mad Padre came down for a shortened visit, and my playing for the year ended appropriately with some Xenos Rampant in both 15mm and with the Quar.

Martian Marines fight over mining facility with Mike's Space Kitties

Also painted other odd bits

Japanese civilians painted

A tally of the blog posts, and recollecting a couple of games I didn't bother to record, gives me a number of 18 games played. Mostly solo, as changes in everyone's circumstances has meant that getting together to play has been more problematic this past year.

End of year mood

Hopefully the plastic Quar come out soon so I can round out my forces with more ryhfler sections. It's been "soon" since August. Back to Alwynd is where I would like to go, with a few side trips to Middle Earth and the Napoleonic Wars. But I'm not going to bother with goals for next year. They don't seem to matter. As the Rabbi says: "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans."

I'll go where the mood takes me and paint what Fortune puts before me. 

Hopefully I'll play more, even if it's solo.

Thursday, December 28, 2023

OP Thundering Dice 2023

Had the Mad Padre over yesterday for what has become our annual gaming play date, OP Thundering Dice. It used to be more often, 2-3 times a year, but changes in circumstance means that our schedules really only align over the week between Christmas and New Year's.

First off was a 24 point game of Xenos Rampant, with my Martian Marines fighting his Space Kitties, for control of the Unobtanium Processing Facility on Ganymede, or Hyperion, or Litterbox IV. We aren't sure. The reports are vague.

His 10 figure sections definitely outshot my 5 figure fireteams, so I may do a force reorganization. We also kept forgetting the Firefight rule. I killed a lot of kitties, especially with my LT calling in Fire Support. But his tank was a bugger and he had a full section of heavy infantry on the objective, so we called it for lunch.

After lunch I introduced him to the Quar. We used Xenos Rampant again, because it turns out I'm still sick and just didn't have the mental energy to use Quar of Command.

Royalist (me) and Crusader (the Mad Padre) probes clash over a village. 

Fun was had. My ryhflers successfully close assaulted a house. We traded shots. My HMG and Heavy shotgun both engaged his kite which buzzed about. But there were more dead green jackets littering the gardens than blue coated defenders of King and Clan. Again, we kept forgetting the Firefight rule.

The plan was supposed to be a third game after dinner and bacon and eggs this morning, but he could see I was struggling, so he went home after dinner.

Very curtailed. But still fun. Today is hiding under a blanket watching TV. Over Christmas, the Son-in-Law hooked us up with  some channels, so I've got a few things on Paramount and Apple TV to catch up on.

I hope I didn't give him any germs.