In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Prussian Artillery

I started these over a month ago and it was slow going. Grandchildren visiting and a flurry of end of year cadet activities sapped my time and energy. Being distracted by tiny ships during available hobby time didn't help either. (Focus! Focus!) But a breakthrough during a recording session of the Podcast (we are discussing Napoleonic rules in this episode, so it seemed appropriate) last Friday got me to within touch of the goal line. A bad night's sleep caused by a thunderstorm of a headache, and the resultant calling in sick got the bases painted and flocked.

These are Perry guns and limber. 6 horse teams, although accurate, are unwieldly on the table top, so I moved a pair of horses over to a Warbases MDF ammunition caisson. The limber came with a figure on foot, so I based one of the officers separately in case I need an artillery Big Man.

Two 6 pounder field guns and one 7 pounder howitzer. The wheels had a lot of venting flash and were a bit deformed during unmolding.

I tried a different painting technique to take advantage of the dark Leviadon Blue contrast paint I bought to try out. Kinda frustrating as it actually didn't flow and cover as well as I'd expected. I kept finding white dots in creases and corners that I had to fix. 

But this is a big part of my Prussian army done, just in time for the anniversaries of the Battles of Ligny and Waterloo.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Rabbitman's Grand Day Out

Chris and Barnaby organized a second Lardy Day in Hamilton this past weekend. 10 assorted Too Fat Lardies games and 25 or so gamers at the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Veterans Association Hall in deepest, darkest, downtown Hamilton. There were prizes donated by those stalwart chaps at The Canadian Wargamer Podcast, Dan the Dice Guy, Cardboard Dungeon Games, Crucible Crush and some Too Fat Lardies dice from Big Rich himself, for a raffle which raised $400 for the Hamilton Children's Hospital.

There was a fine cross section of Lard.

What a Tanker in Malaya

15mm ACW Sharp Practice

Infamy, Infamy!

Big Chain of Command

In the morning I played a 28mm Sharp Practice game. This had the British and their First Nations allies raiding the American camp at Frenchtown during the War of 1812. I commanded the British regulars, while my partner ran the Native allies and the flank company skirmishers. Our cunning plan was to fix the Americans with the Regulars while the Natives worked their way around the flank.

British infantry arrive

Americans begin to deploy

American light troops trying to cause trouble on our flank

First Nations attack the disrupted Americans!

The Natives charge in on the flank and then the Regulars gave a volley and went in with the bayonet effectively collapsing the American flank.

After lunch and a visit to a fantastic old school hobby shop; Hamilton Hobby Center on Kenilworth, I played in a 6mm game of General d'Armee. This was the Mad Padre's first time as a Game Master in a convention setting. It was a good learning game for all of us interested in the system. Lee of Crucible Crush, helped us work through some of the more convoluted parts.

The game had the Austrians defending a road junction vital to Mack's position at Ulm. Descending upon it to entrap the infamous Mack were Murat's cavalry and Oudinot's Grenadier division! Historically our Austrian counterpart formed square and got pounded. But my partner and I were more aggressive, pushing forward to hold some key villages and block the French onslaught. Austrian hussars punching above their weight helped a lot too.

Mike's attractive little Built Up Area tiles

Cuirassiers try charging the French artillery 

Austrian hussars holding off 4x their numbers 

More cavalry action on the other flank

My attack on the town develops 

I drive out the defense 

More French grenadiers 

My hussars try rolling up the French but I roll badly! Curse the damned luck!

Firefight develops in the center 

Refusing our vulnerable right flank 

Austrians have a firm hold on the town at game end

It was nice to win both games, but mostly it was nice to get out and play! This culminated an exhausting week of vacation during which we were visited by the grandchildren.

Picking flowers for Grandma

Rules? We don't need rules! Grandson surprises me with an obviously cunning stratagem.

I need to get some plastic figures for the grandson to smash around next visit obviously.