In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Soldiers of the Queen-Empress Part 1


I have a ridiculous amount of cavalry for my Colonial Indian army. 3 units.
And I want more.
The Perry Miniatures Bengal lancers are extremely pretty, but I need them like a hole in my head. The lead lust is strong though.

So far I've got one 10 figure unit of Bengal Lancers (10th BL "Hodson's Horse") from Old Glory.

Here they are running down some Pathans (notice the Pathan casualty with matching lance pennon in his back...):

Plus a 10 figure unit of Guides Cavalry from Old Glory.

It took me a long time to paint these guys. Being the elite of my army I wanted them to look the part. Plus I was having trouble finding details of the turban pattern.

Here's a fuzzy action shot of them. They've taken a pasting as usual and the remnants are taking cover behind the Guides Infantry. I've got to stop using them as the Advance Guard.

To round out the brigade I've got a 10 figure unit of British lancers, also from Old Glory:

Here's the bugler. I like him alot. He just says British Empire to me for some reason.

Here's the whole brigade deployed under the command of my Perry Miniatures Brigadier. Guides skirmishing out front, British and Indian lancers coming up behind with a Maxim team for support.

The lances are wire. I used paint to get the bamboo detailing. Pennons are paper. I glue in place, cut the swallow tail out and then paint.
They are all based on 1 1/2" steel washers. I texture the bases with cheap indoor-outdoor caulking and then dunk them in fine sand before the caulk dries. Burnt umber undercoat, khaki drybrush and then additional tufts of grass and rocks.
The limber for the Old Glory Maxim gun is from RAFM. More on my limbers when I get to Part 3- artillery.
Once my Colonial gaming moves to the South African veldt I have primed and ready to paint a squadron of British dragoons and some Mounted Infantry in the South African bush hat.

My next posting will cover the infantry.


  1. Hi, Very nice...25mm?

    looks good... the Surat Knan Pathan with the Lance is a nice touch.
    Jim Sullivan
    San Francisco

  2. Yes. All 28mm figures. Mostly Old Glory, but some Perry and RAFM too. The Pathan casualties are Bicorne.

  3. Hello Jim - Very impressive units and figures. I like the paint jobs! Good to run across your blog! I'll make it one of my favorites. Hope you are well; kindest regards from Hal Thinglum

  4. Very impressive stuff. Painting like this makes me jealous that my skills are not up to standard such as yours.

  5. @Hal: Thank you. Yes, I'm doing well. I hope you will blog about you never ending SYW project?
    @Robert: It takes practice and patience. Trying new techniques until you find one that works for you. but remember the 3 foot rule. If you're painting whole units don't sweat the rank and file but keep the overall effect of the display in mind. Up close mine aren't "Golden Deamon" winners by any stretch (my shading and blending are pretty crude), but they look good on the table and that's all that matters.