In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Not So Scary Old SYW Baggage

While waiting for the glue and gesso to dry on more mobs of Fuzzy-Wuzzy warriors I got some baggage done for my SYW era armies. Since Hotlead 2012 is coming up in a month it is only proper that I try and finish some of the figures I bought at Hotlead 2011!

First up, those Museum Miniatures 2-wheeled baggage cart and water cart that I bought second hand with new paint and new wheels:

The drivers look scruffy enough to be just the sort who'd tramp about selling wares to the armies. They're generic enough (floppy hat, cloak, tunic, disreputable trousers) that they would fit with my Roman baggage too, I think.

An Essex 2-wheeled cart and some camp followers of unknown manufacture. A friend found them in his gaming closet and had no use for them.

The baggage is made from some WW2 AFV stowage and is removable, being set upon a card plug that fits into the box on the cart.

Next a pair of 4-wheeled wagons. The drivers are extras from Patrick's Thirty Year's War armies.

The loads are made from green stuff and are removable.

I don't know why I wanted removable loads. Maybe the idea of committing to filled wagons, even though empty wagons bother me, was too much?

I also have a pressing need for limbers. So I got a 4 horse limber from Essex and painted it Prussian blue since I figure the Prussians will be doing more maneuvering than the Austrians for a while.

The base is extra long to accommodate a gun.

I also got a pair of Blue Moon Great Northern War Swedish ammunition caissons. Painted up one in Prussian blue and the other in Austrian ochre.

With gun unlimbered

Since getting these I've discovered Frei Korps rather impressive line of 15mm SYW miniatures, which includes 4 and 2-horse limbers and 2-wheeled ammunition carts plus numerous other goodies.

I still need many more limbers, but this accomplishes my goal of having some rear echelon elements for every miniature army. But it does create some dissatisfaction with the shade of light blue that I painted my Prussian guns in.


  1. Crikey, I've seen fewer vehicles on the 401 on a busy day. Amazingly productive spell, you've had. And not bad, a year between acquiring and painting. Better than my average time elapsed per figure, by at least a year.
    Good show. Always good to have something to plunder.

    Remind me what gesso is?

  2. I'm so productive because I don't waste my free time running and being all fit and active like some chaplains I know. :)

    And I need a few more! The Prussian baggage train attacked at Olmutz was several hundred wagons. I've got a bit in my Paypal I'm going to buy new wheels for the other Museum wagons and get them sorted too.

    Gesso is the stuff artists use to prime their canvases. It's thick and white and shrinks when dry. I use it in the winter when going outside to spray prime isn't an option. I'll use it in the summer to prime small batches too. I think my down before brushing it on though.

  3. These are all great. Really like the removable baggage, excellent idea.

  4. Great figures and great painting!!! I've been painting up the same kinda thing!!!