In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tank Hunters

Since a lot of my WW2 games seem to be Late War, an annoying gap in my German infantry company is hand held antitank weapons.

This was recently rectified by a friend who said "Hey I've got some panzerschreks I don't need and you said you were looking for some". I also had a bag of old figures second hand from a friend/painting client which had some fellows wielding panzerfausts and one panzerschrek team.

So I thought it was high time to break my painting slump and get these assets done up to help against allied armour.

Rangers and Pzshreks 008

I mounted the panzerfausts on washers. They are just markers to show that a rifle section has panzerfausts with it. Once they've all been fired the marker is removed. The two figures on the left are Battlefront and the two on the right are Quality Cast (I think). I have 10 or 12 panzerfaust figures in total.

Rangers and Pzshreks 007

The Panzerschrek armed Tank Hunter teams are on small Flames of War bases. I need three for most of the company headquarter organizations in my IABSM army list book. The team on the left is Quality Cast, and the other two are Battlefront. I  only had one loader so the second gunner is assisted by a rifleman I popped off a section base. This went so well that I then decided to reduce all of my Flames of War style infantry bases to four figures each. Most of the IABSM scenarios and orders of battle actually call for 8 man sections and it was getting annoying saying to people "Well actually that 5 figure stand is really only 4 men". Going with What You See is What You Get is much simpler. The extra figures were re based for making change in the removal of casualties.


  1. That idea of using washer mounted single figs to show that a section has PzFts is brilliant. I will surely steal that. Nicely done. When we finally get our 15mm figs on the table together, I shall keep a healthy distance from your infantry and soak you with HE. :)

  2. It is the way to go. I like plastering anything suspicious with HE.
    The idea came to me when playing a game a month ago with Keith, Rico and Scott Ross (who had just brought over the BF figures that night btw!) and trying to remember howmany PzFsts ea section had was a bit of a problem.
    That game also featured Scott's StuGs waxing my lead trp of Shermans but then getting stonked badly by my FOO calling in 25 pdrs. :)