In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rabbitman and the Beliebers

Trying to be a savvy 21st century web entrepeneur (and maybe shift some boxes of toys out of the dining room) I've got a Facebook page for J&M Miniatures. It's an easy way to promote new stuff and chat about gaming. Of course, I'm only promoting the new stuff to those who have 'Liked' my page.

As the page administrator I get all kinds of nifty stats thrown at me; how many people have seen a post, how many have shared a post and made it 'go viral' (I don't think two 'shares' really counts as being viral) and new 'Likes'.

A lot of my new 'Likes' will be teen aged girls with suspicously foreign names, who's own posts (yes, I creep their walls out of curiosity) seem to be is a foreign language (often possibly Spanish or sometimes some Eastern European lingo). But often they list their residence as Stratford ON.

I know my town pretty well... there isn't a huge ghetto of Hispanic or Slavic speaking folks hiding behind the Festival Theatre or the hockey rink.

All I can think is that these youngsters have "liked" my business because it is from the same town as their current pop idol, Justin Bieber. Perhaps they're hoping that I know the Biebs and can connect them? Or he will make a sudden random post on the J&M Miniatures FB Wall? Or they just try to 'like' as many Stratford online presences as possible to try and collect the complete set?

Show you're the BIGGEST of fans! 'Like' all of Stratford!

Wierd. But basically harmless.

And Stratford is a pretty likeable town.

But the Fall training is slowing down and I didn't get loaded onto the "Training Officer's Course" I had hoped to be on (they decided after it was too late for me to apply for the fall session to make an 'Intermediate Officer's Course" a prerequisite to the TOC), so hopefully there will be more painting and gaming in the coming months. I've got a squadron and a half of Shermans to paint up! (Among other things).

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