In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Some Babes, and a couple of Grumpy Old Men

I was working on my cards for my Sharp Practice on the Northwest Frontier project and had a couple of blanks left on the last sheet and remembered a couple of more Pathan characters to photograph. While shooting them, these lovely ladies wanted to get in front of the camera too. I'm pretty sure they don't need their own cards, being more of distractions for the Big Men.

First up is my bazaar dancing girl. I suppose she could be a spy. Or just table dressing. She's a Reaper figure.
Colonial characters 004 - Copy

Next we have the damsel in distress. The Tea Merchant's or Governor's kidnapped daughter awaiting rescue in the evil chieftain's mountain aerie. Her attire is generic enough I suppose she could even be a Medieval damsel in distress about to be burned at the stake. I got her and the next one at Historicon 2008 out of a big bin of discounted babes at the Ironwind booth (she's a former Ral Partha figure). She was actually the most tasteful female captive figure, the rest were drifting more into BDSM  fantasy:
Colonial characters 005 - Copy

Lastly a naked bathing beauty, which I admittedly purchased just for puerile gratification. I should have photographed her backside too, it is rather nice. But she can always be put on table to distract Col. Flashman from his mission.

Colonial characters 003

Here's the Mad Mullah, preaching Jihad. You have to have a Mad Mullah. According to the illustrated weeklies there was always a Mad Mullah fomenting rebellion along the Frontier. He's a Gripping Beast Moorish character. Give him an AK47 instead of the sword and he could be modern.

Colonial characters 002 - Copy

Finally, the reason I went to take the pictures in the first place, the Wazir of Pakhora. He is a RAFM figure. I got him second hand. But someone on the Miniatures Page found his listing on their website; Wizard in Sedan Chair; item number RAF03750. The scribe is from a Call of Cthulhu set though. I have a second sedan chair piece which I'm thinking of attaching to the back of an elephant.

Colonial characters 001 - Copy


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  2. One must always have a Mad Mullah... The other figures are nice too.

  3. I like the painted ladies ... that is, the ones in your post, not the ones found on street corners.
    A Mad Padre always trumps a Mad Mullah, in my opinion.