In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Expanding the Buntai

The "Typhoo Division" is expanding with the second lot of figures done. I kept to the same colour scheme, so that I can build to an army sized force eventually. But right now, this gives me enough figures to I think let me and a couple of friends play on the same side once Mikey gets his monks and bandits done. Mikey has a fair sized buntai of monks, so I figure I need the numbers.

With this lot I decided to do one of my mounted Samurai:

With this fellow I tried to reinforce the red theme with picking out the lacing on his armoured plates at the shoulders and hips, in addition to the red harness on his horse. But as with all my Samurai he gets more personal choice in his clothing.
I used some Woodland Scenics dry grass to conceal the post holding up the back hoofs.
The tufts and meadow flowers are from Army Painter.
I also did another Samurai on foot, borrowing some pink paint from my daughter. I tried a dragon fly pattern on his pants, which mostly worked, but got a bit messy in the folds. You might be able to see it better in one of the group shots.
I also bulked up my main battle line with four more ashigaru with yari:
Plus two yumi and one teppo armed ashigaru:
So here they are all together, a sizable force:

With the second batch I used a slightly lighter shade of grey as the base for the armour, and I painted the mon before using the Army Painter Quick Shade dip. I only had to touch up one archer's head, who had a dark blob of dip on his shaven dome.
For the bases I'm using 25mm metal fender washers. I then spread a thick coat of white glue and cover in fine sand. Fortunately the Perry figures have very thin bases and the sand covers quite well. Dark brown and then a tan dry brush before gluing on flock, tufts and flowers.
This gets me about two thirds through my troops. I may paint some civilians next.
I also promise not to moderate comments while on my tablet this time!


  1. I like these a lot mate they are looking good. You have managed to get a better look than I would have expected from the quickshade.

    I am currently working on Some Samurai and Ashigaru myself. Painting up a unit of archers. I think once they are done though I will look to paint up a playable buntai rather than a unit at a time.

  2. That is a lovely looking Buntai!

  3. HI there, still deciding what figures to use for Ronin. Are these Perry's? Great Buntai!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you.
      Yes. All except one figure are from the Perry's.

    2. I was debating getting a bunch of Perry packs or getting the Ronin boxed sets.

    3. It depends on how big you want to go.

  4. Hey it's George from Edmonton, I did not realize this was James of J and M until now. CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Cheers George.
      The North Star figures are VERY nice, but I went with the Perry's for the good balance of economy, quality and quantity since I'm planning from the start to build large forces.
      I may eventually get some North Star Ikko-Ikki or Bandits for some in house opposition though.
      I'm also "jamesonsafari" on TMP! :)