In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Problematic Peasants

Got a bit stuck with these, the inhabitants of my 4Ground Samurai village.
I've been working on them for some time (since August at least). Set them aside to finish a commission, then building the village, then got distracted by building shiny AFVs for my 20mm Canadian Battle Group. Then just kinda of got stuck trying to figure out clothing patterns.
I've been searching the interweb and pinning things to my Pinterest board, looking for inspiration.
The other night I just decided that they're peasants, and not able to afford fancy patterned cloth like they are shown on the Perry catalog listing. So most of them just got plain colours.

They got done much faster after that.

Except for Grandfather, who I think of as an old samurai, or maybe ashigaru captain, living on memories of glory and smacking the youngsters with his stick.

And this young lady, who even though of lowly birth, still exudes the attitude that yes, she is all that and a bowl of rice. So I thought she should get a patterned dress.

Then we have some more soberly dressed hira, or housewives, complete with aprons.

"I told him I want the cabbages planted over there!"
But I did give all the ladies a splash of colour with their sashes and hair ribbons.

Finally some rustic labourers who make me think of Shakespearean comic characters.

And just what is the guy in the middle carrying anyway???
Here are two Pulp Figures by Bob Murch and two I think Old Glory figures gifted to me by Mikey (he'd got a couple of duplicates in a bag of second hand figures at Cold Wars 2014, so he could spare these).

Pulp Figures
Old Glory
Colours were blocked in and then I used Minwax Golden Oak (since my Army Painter Dip has gelled up) for shading. Puddling at the lower extremities is an issue, I had to use a brush dipped in mineral spirits to clean up the bottom of the hot young thing's dress the next morning. I notice in the pictures a few spots I missed on the backs of dresses. Once things warm up around here, I can take this lot outside for a spray of matte coat to take the shine off.

Next up; colour tests for the next division in my growing army and a couple of nobility (Old Glory figures I think? -again, spares from Mikey) to escort or capture.

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  1. The picture you ask what the fellow in the middle is holding looks like some type of rice farming implement.
    Rice paddies take a lot of repairs.