In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Second Division for the Lord of Tea

This weekend I finished up some trial figures for the second division for my Samurai. Same mon, just different colours.

I picked a basic 100 pt. buntai for Ronin; two ashigaru with yari, one each with teppo and yumi and a katana wielding samurai to lead them. I was inspired by the Yorkshire tea 'special' box for the colours:

This time I opted for red lacquered armour and weapons with yellow clothes and sashimono. The samurai of course got more personal latitude in his clothing.

teppo and yumi
 The clothes were painted with an ochre base then highlighted with yellow. The sash is a light green.

 The armour was painted with a brick red base, primary red highlight and then a red glaze washed over top.
 Everything else was blocked in and then I gave everything except the large armour sections a wash with Minwax Golden Oak to shade.
with some fellows from the first division
I almost ruined them. I put the final wash on Sunday morning and Sunday night they were dry to the touch so I painted the bases. I got excited and despite a little voice telling me to wait 24 hrs I added the flock being careful not to really dunk the figures in the tub like I usually do, and then one fell over, dumping excess flock all up his legs and onto his thigh armour! Flock was stuck everywhere!

So I waited until Monday and with a stiff brush I was able to remove the excess flock and I could add the flowers and tufts.

I like the combination, I'm pondering how to rework the yellow and red into the Lord of Tea's hatamoto (household troops).


  1. They look terrific James. I'm surprised you didn't give them a wash of steeped Yorkshire tea. I find myself rushing steps as well in my eagerness to get projects finished, so I can sympathize. Will we get to play with these splendid fellows on Saturday (said he hopefully)?

  2. If you're looking for a house emblem, you could do worse than sticking with the Yorkshire tea meme. The emblem of the house of York is the white rose ... so maybe a stylised yellow rose should be the mon of the Yosha-Ti family?

    It's OK, I'll get my coat ...

    1. The Mon is the word 'tea'
      But a flower would make a good uma-jarishu or such