In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

More Afghanistan Goodies

Just before we took off for the Wild Frontier a little bag of 20mm goodness arrived in the mail. Elheim Miniatures ran a "I'm not going to Salute 15% off sale" and at the time I was gainfully employed, so I indulged in some more figures for my Canadians in the Panjwayi project.

(All the pictures are from the Elheim shop, since I've only just opened the packs to fondle them so far. Clicking on each pic should take you to the appropriate page in the Elheim web store.)

I got the Taliban some support with a DHSK hmg,
TAL04 Afghan Insurgents with DHSK HMG
an SPG9 recoilless rifle,
TAL07 Afghan Insurgents SPG9 Recoiless Rifle and crew

a pack including a sniper and the bonus random pack of 10 insurgents which included a SAM launcher, another suicide bomber and an LMG gunner plus 6 riflemen.

For the coalition I got some Syrian infantry  (2 packs of riflemen and the support pack with RPG and PKM) to stand in as a section of ANA

and another pack of ANP. I also got some Americans to proxy as Canucks. It was difficult finding sculpts that came close. A lot of the American figures have fairly obvious groin protection. But some Rangers look close

and a plt HQ pack fit the bill, although the signaller is wearing a ball cap which I didn't notice and am wondering what to do about it.

Some other packs in the IBA series also look  like they would do. But I'm holding off getting too many in the hopes that Matt will finish the Canadian range properly with a GPMG team, Carl Gustav team (useful for opening up those grape drying huts!) and another fireteam pack. I also got the prerequisite sniper team and a Civilian Interaction Team including an interpreter.
I'm thinking I could add a pack to the chap on the right and turn him into a Medic. Having a Medic attend your casualties seems pretty useful in the reports of Fighting Season I've been reading on the Too Fat Lardies Blog.

Finally some casualty figures for each side to round things out.

Now if I can just hold off the black dog of depression and get some stuff painted up while I'm looking for a new job it'll be good.

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