In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Entish Addition!

I've been thinking I needed another Ent to bulk out the Elves.

So I've been searching the web, and good looking (to me) Ents are hard to find. The Reaper Ent looks like a piece of broccoli.
With the demise of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Lord of the Rings, Games Workshop Ents have gone from the market.

This fellow from Majestic Bear Enterprises looks the business (and he's pretty big), but at GBP24.99 plus shipping he's a bit too dear.

So I did a search on eBay, and found this fellow in France:

For 8.80 Euros, including shipping. So Cdn$13.06, which is about what I'd pay in gas to drive to London or Kitchener and maybe find a Games Workshop LOTR Ent in stock at a game store.

A week and a half later, a small padded envelope arrived in the mail. So here's the figure on a half inch grid:
Yup, pretty basic and what I paid for.

Assembly was easy. Not a lot of flash, and really, is it a mold line or bark? A bit of super glue and a 40x40 card base I had precut and voila!

OK, kinda puny compared to the older Games Workshop Ent. But still tough. Perhaps make the new guy a lesser warbeast and the old figure a greater warbeast.

And there he sat for a few weeks.

But when I did get around to painting it was fast. A few shades of brown. A brown ink wash and then dry brushing with a mid-grey finished the skin. Patches of leaves were done in two tones of green and then given a green ink wash. The eyes were dotted yellow and hit with some green ink at the same time.

Here are some quick snaps right from the flocking tub.

Enough to scare an orc, I think!

Meanwhile, Pete spotted a batch of Vendel elves in the Lead Adventure Forum trading board. So a significant reinforcement for my elves will be coming in a few months!


  1. Certainly enough to scare an orc I agree.
    I have a soft spot for the Minifigs Mythical Earth Ents of the 1970's but I fear he would not fit in with your others.

  2. He looks great. I love the expression on his face. Like he just woke up from a 3-4 year nap and is cranky. (Actually, I know that feeling).