In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hot Loot -the shopping!

Had a very good Hotlead this year (my AAR covering the games is in yesterday's post). I didn't find everything I was looking for (like a hard copy of Dragon Rampant), but enough and even found a few things I wasn't looking for.

I think this year will see more WW2 action.

One of the vendors was a chap blowing out his stock from his now closed Flames of War store. I'd been thinking that my Germans needed a few more SP guns and these Brummbärs at 5 dollars each were too cheap to pass up.
Clearly says "Late" on the package. Oh well. I like schurzen.

Didn't notice until I got them home that one is a late model with MG42 ball mount and schurzen, and the other is an early model. Silly me. But I don't think my Germans will mind. Fortunately for the wallet he didn't have any Panzerjaeger IVs or Hetzters.

Then on Sunday while I was availing myself of the coffee nearby, I thought "Hey! I bet he's got Russians." Sure enough. At 10 bucks a blister pack I've got enough regular infantry and SMG troops for Chain of Command.
Trying to sort out what I've got. Looks like 4 sections of rifles and 5 sections of SMG troops plus a variety of Big Men

I'll wait to add tanks.

For Saturday's Bring and Buy a chap I know was lugging in a box. " Oooh, watcha got?"
"My Flames of War stuff"
So I grabbed his pack of nicely painted up entrenchments and told Scott that he really needed a US Armoured Combat Team. Which he decided he did.
My Russians can dig in even before they are painted!

Bought some terrain bits from Ontario Hobbit Adventures, who were mostly demoing the Games Workshop Hobbit game on a couple of very nice little boards.
Happy staff at the Ontario Hobbit Adventures booth 

3 for 5 dollars deal on the bushes. A stack of primed and ready to paint grain sacks plus some pots and wicker baskets. I may remove the snow from the Gondor statue. Not sure.

A pack of Renedra plastic gabions for mediaeval and fantasy siege lines.
Been trying to get these for a year, but he's always been sold out

A pack of Full Battle Rattle's Afghanistan war 28mm Canadians, just because.

And some free books. Although the one about Sam Hughes is on extended loan.
Command Legacy will probably be dry but informative. Sam Hughes and his relationship with Sir Arthur Currie is important to understanding Canada in WW1

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  1. Nice haul! Would be good to see some of these vendors make a trek to Cangames! Those gambions look fantastic!