In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Battle at the Tower of Echthalion

Had the chaps over Saturday for a game. The objectives being to roll dice and put my new terrain and trolls on the table. I like a natural looking table and often try and build as interesting a table as I can which will then point me to a scenario. So my village and new grain fields were at one end and the new hills were at the other. Beyond the hills from the village was the ancient well and statue, a relic of ancient Numenor or perhaps some fallen Elf Kingdom? Obviously a source of curiosity for the local children (warned away by stories of faeries snatching errant youngsters no doubt) and a place for lover's trysts.

The Uruks and trolls made a nice 48 point force. My new trolls I organized into four 2 figure units of Bellicose Foot with shiny armour. The Uruks were four units of light foot with missiles. There was also my unit of four smaller trolls, acting as more bellicose foot. Their objectives were to burn the village, secure the crossroads and capture the ancient watch tower.

For the Forces of Light I deployed Naleth the Wise (elite foot plus wizard) with two units of Elven archers (light missiles with sharpshooter upgrade) and decided to use some men for a change. The troops from the Kingdom of Arnor had two units of elite riders, one of heavy riders, two units of heavy foot and one of scouts (all pulled from my early Feudal/Norman/1st Crusades troops).

I didn't take any pictures during the game but restaged a few key moments after wards.

The trolls died spectacularly. Their bad defensive rating means that charging in is the best way to deal with trolls if you've got elite riders. A unit of heavy foot had quite an evenly matched tussle with one pair of trolls near the village as they bashed each other back and forth through the grain field. Elf archery rather tied down one flank in the hills. One company of knights charged down the road into some trolls and uruks. The trolls were routed and the uruks pushed back. In the centre the heavy foot and scouts pushed through the village and fields to hold off more uruks and trolls. Meanwhile the other unit of knights and the sergeants swept around the far side of the village.

Angmar on the march!


Other view

Knights crash into trolls and then the uruks. They eventually broke but not after securing the crossroads

Elves aided by Naleth's magic shoot up trolls and support the knights

Fighting around the village. Scouts use their javelins to keep uruks at arms length and help the heavy foot fighting the trolls in the grain fields.

Sergeants (red banner) took on uruks and were destroyed. Knights bundled the trolls back across the field until they fled

Elf archers win the race to the top, but never loosed a shaft. Once the elves were in position the uruks below slunk off through the woods, the last evil unit left on the field.

Tactical lessons, knights working with heavy foot and archers are really effective. Also don't lead with the trolls. Send them in once the uruks have softened up the enemy with a combination of archery and spear fighting. Also take advantage of the trolls abilities and maneuvering in rough ground to avoid the knights and elven archers.

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