In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Mars Needs Tanks!

It's all the Mad Padre's fault. Really.

I loved the Space Cat adventures when I was a kid
He thought my space stuff looked kinda fun, and being a cat or so away from being a Crazy Cat Chaplain, he bought some of Khurasan Minis space kitties (he's a fan of the Kzinti in the Ringworld books) and a tank.

A tank?!

Now I needed a tank. Ground Zero Games ran a mid summer 20% sale, so I used the chance to round out my troops and oh, get the Martians a couple of tanks.

I've always like the look of GZGs high mobility wheeled equipment with the big knobby tires. When I did Dirtside in 6mm I had a squadron of Paladin and Phalanx wheeled AFVs. They look very high tech and spacey, so Mars needed one.

The assembly was pretty straightforward, although those sexy knobby tires required assembly too. The tight fit involved a lot of filing and scraping.

The Paladin cones with 2 weapon options on the remote turret. A cute stubby high energy laser, or a big farking rail gun. The rail gun looks the business to me and aesthetically ties into the MMCs gunship too.

But it's heavy, so the turret needed to be glued in place. Oh well. I tried futzing around with rare earth magnets, but realized after some hazardous drilling that counter sinking a hole into the remote turret/cupola would be too hazardous, I opted for glue.

I also like that the scout vehicle looks similar to my gunship too. I added the laser to the side of the rail gun as a secondary weapon/targeting suite. Or something. It's Science Fiction, so rule of cool.

The MMC rifles have been rounded out to two platoons with command and support weapons options too.
But don't worry, the UNMC have gotten more grunts and rocket launchers too.


  1. I almost resent being called a Crazy Cat Chaplain, but the show fits - uncomfortably, but it fits.
    This is how arms races go. Next thing, one of us will be trying to get the Protomolecule, and then we're f&#@ed.

  2. I am loving your MMC force. Those vehicles look the bomb. I have been trying to decide between going for something similar or going for an older school look with GZG's Moongrunt range - on Mars of course!

    1. Thanks!
      You'll note that I am using the Moongrunt figures for my UNMC riflemen.