In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Bashup in Barrie!

Just back from an awfully filthy snowy drive home from Barrie, and the home of The Mad Padre, where we had one of our irregularly scheduled gaming play dates and sleepovers.

On tap this weekend was our usual Lord of the Rings themed Dragon Rampant game. I brought 100 points of elves to face his legions of evil doom. A good 40+ of those points hadn't been played with yet.

We used a book of scenarios from One Hour War Games and divided our armies into 3 roughly equal commands. My elf sorceress was holding a ridge while the king marched to her aid. It didn't go well because you can buy a lot of goblins for 100 points....

Elf advance guard on ridge

Troll and Warg riders

The king arrives with reinforcements 

Elf archers who had trouble activating 

More elf archers that had trouble activating 

My ent killed Mike's troll and then shredded his elite goblin archers

Elf light infantry perform badly 

Remains of archers

My left wing gets thinner. Charges to try and blunt the orc columns weren't effective 

When you find yourself outnumbered 20:1 and keep getting snared in sorcery 
So, I conceded the game, hoping that between nightfall and my sorceress, the remains of my army could extricate themselves. But we got a lot of troops onto a rather tight 6x3 dining room table. Mike did have a few traffic jams but that was mostly because of the scenario limiting where his troops came on.

Then after some corned beef sandwiches and a beer we set up a game of Longstreet with Mike's 28mm ACW collection.

Brigade of Union cavalry is defending along the road. Rebs come in from right trying to capture the ford. Union reinforcements enter from far end of table.

I also got to take Mike's groovy new artillery limber for a spin 

This regiment did a good job holding the fence against a Reb brigade attacking through the wheat

My dice on left Mike's on the right when he tried to charge me!

While we made dinner and shoveled 6" of snow Luigi inspected our dispositions 

Pressure in the center. Mike rolled better on this charge and swept one regiment away!

I've pulled back on the right and lost a gun. But reinforcements arriving on the left 

Game end. River crossing solidly in my hands and I chase the Rebs back over the hill.
And that was that. A bit more catching up and some TV before bed and then we both  had an early start.


  1. What a great day of gaming: friends, great terrain and well painted minis.

    1. Yes indeed.
      The Mad Padre and I are very similar in what we want from a game in terms of aesthetics gameplay level of simulation.

      Shame he's over 2 hr drive away...