In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Friday, February 19, 2021

"Give Me Blücher, Or Give Me Night!"

I have decided that this year I will either crack on with my long abandoned Napoleonic Sharp Practice project, or I will sell off the figures.

I dug the figures out of their cryopods and saw that I had, actually started to put paint on them.

I think last time out I had gotten hung up on picayune uniform details and this dampened my powder considerably. But not now. Life is too short, and the critics be damned.

So I've organized what I've got. It seems that I've got a lot.

4x 8 figure groups of Prussian Landwehr.
3x 8 figure groups of Russian infantry plus a 6x figure group of skirmishers.
2x formations of Russian grenadiers. Each of 3x 8 figure groups. Plus a 6 figure group of skirmishers. 
1x Russian gun and an extra crew.

Each formation has extra Big Men as well. I transferred some Russians in forage caps over to the Landwehr to bring them up to 4 groups with 2 Big Men though. 

Started painting last night. 

I bought this jar of paint before Mrs. Rabbitman and I got married! Still works with a bit of thinning. The "New" notation was made when purchased so I wouldn't get into it before the older pot was done. 

Considerable progress with one 90 minute session!

I'm going to keep to manageable batches of 16 or so to aid productivity and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Once I'm done what I've got, I will see what my friend Mikey has to unload. Then anything else I can buy from the Perry's later this year.

Just need some cavalry and maybe a wagon to finish the Allies.

And French of course. But Mikey has lots of unpainted French.


  1. ...or I will sell off the figures.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa... let's not do anything rash.😄

  2. The intimidation of Napoleonic uniforms is one of the reasons I slacked off my own project, mind you, they are 6mm so far easier to fudge the details. As you say, let the critics be damned and paint on!

    My blog. Not much there but follow the link to my flickr page. That does have a lot.
    I too am working on my Napoleonic figures for Sharp Practice, plus 1/100 German modern vehicle for TY - although I intend to play TY on a 5x12 table. Playing in that scale on a 4x6 is crazy.
    WW2 rules I use are Arc of Fire 1900-2000. I have run 1940-1944-1966-1973-1993-2004 games in France - Germany - Vietnam - West Germany - Mogadishu - and Iraq with those rules and wrote a SF version to boot. Your table looks a lot like mine. Hoping to enjoy your blog. In this case Mikey has a LOT of undercoated Nap French, WWI 15mm, WW2 Brit Paras, Modern 15mm Germans, Starships and Starfighters, Zombies, Girls with Guns, Nap British, and 1/48 armor. And Italian and USMC WW2 28mm infantry. Oh yea.