In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Tuesday, June 27, 2023


My friends, Brian and Keith, live in the Chatham-Kent area and are members of a pretty active gaming club; KEGS (Kent Essex Gaming Society). Last autumn one of their members, Neil Hooge, who I remember as being quite a nice fellow whenever I had the chance to play with him or talk to him at Hot Lead, which wasn't very often if I'm being honest. Well, Neil died after a long fight with cancer. Keith and Brian are helping to dispose of Neil's wargaming estate.

So they have been passing along to me items that didn't find a home in the club. A box of old wargaming magazines. Quite a lot of 28mm Napoleonics, unpainted naturally. Neil was planning an ambitious Sharp Practice project it seems. But when I next get the itch, I'll have enough French in great coats to do an 1814 force to fight my Bavarians. With a fine selection of Guard, artillery and cavalry too. All I'll need to buy is some baggage and a Marshall to lead them. 

An 8 figure group plus a Big Man for each of Carabiniers, Dragoons and Chasseurs plus lots of line infantry (including a few dozen in great coats)

Warlord Old Guard and Victrix artillery set (3 guns)

There's another box full of a random, eclectic mix of 15mm science fiction stuff. Lots of Traveler figures. Some Peter Pig. Some Brigade. Lots of other stuff I have no idea where it came from. A lot of small ziploc bags with worn card headers. Various races and styles of figures. Some hunters from the Predator franchise. A lot of monsters from Alien including tiny facehuggers! Robed Fremen. Insectoid Isolani. Skinny Zhodani. Canines with guns. Or they could be racoons with guns if you painted them right. Dinosaurs with guns. Three different flying saucers from "Mars Attacks!" Random robots. I've got quite the influx of the figures I use for my Belters, plus station personnel in jump suits, some different robots and I'm seriously thinking about the tray of  Alien style xenos. I could just paint them blue and handwave them as protomolecule monsters or something, right?

Big guns

Bigger gun


Dogs with guns! Or raccoons with guns if you painted them right. 

So much stuff! Just trying to make piles putting like with like

More Belters!

Stuff I'm interested in 

Three different flying saucers & xenoflora 

Some very 80s packaging containing dinosaurs with rayguns 

"Alien" aliens

There's box with a complete Nazi secret lair. Room modules with clever velcro lids so you can't see what's inside until you move into it. A variety of painted characters; nuns, Resistance fighters, SS she-wolves, minions in red, orange and blue boiler suits, white hard hats and SMGs, Nazi zombies, some were wolves in a zoo room, character figures obviously meant to be the heroes. A V-2 style rocket. A module labeled "electro-lab". There's a couple of counters with 7TV on them, so I assume that is the rule set Neil was using. I can really sense the enthusiasm he had for this with the effort that obviously went into building Dr. Evil's secret lair.

Cafeteria and kitchen 


Conference room with assorted figures

Spacious cells

Orange suited minions 

Holding cells full of zombies 

Missile on what I'm guessing is a launch pad

Guard room

This was obviously a big thing for Neil and he'd put a lot of effort into it. I don't want to pillage it for parts to make space ship or colony interiors. So I'm going to find it a loving home at Hot Lead. 

A lot of it will get passed along at Hot Lead I think.

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