In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Objective Markers with LASERS!

So I purchased the last metal accessory packs from Zombiesmith mainly because I wanted separate weapons and extra packs etc to make Jump of Points for Quar of Command or Objective Markers for other rules, like Xenos Rampant.

Who knows? Maybe I'll play This Quar's War someday. The card activation seems cool.

Anyway, I dug out some mdf disks from the Russian church dome that I replaced. I taped over the slits and holes and then started arranging things in a suitable pile like some hurried Rhyflers had been tasked to unload a truck in a hurry and were told to "just pile it over there!"

The POL barrels are desiccant cylinders from pill bottles. The big crates are wooden craft cubes. After both were glued down I covered them in tarps made from squares of tissue or shop rag soaked in glue. I also scavenged some 20mm ammo boxes from my box of stowage. Then it was a matter of arranging weapons and packs. I didn't get any metal Bogens or Ryshis, so I had to carefully trim hands from plastic weapons. You'll notice one Bogen is part covered by a tarpaulin to hide the hand on the stock.

Everything was sprayed brown and then given a fast paint job, mostly with various shades of green.

In the meantime, I had bought some laser plants at 25% off and these arrived. So after flocking the bases I tucked some of these around the crates and barrels.

Everything is automatically cooler with lasers.

Some of the laser plants only have two stalks and leaves, so these look good tucked into a corner or under a tarp like they've had things dumped on them.

The laser plants are printed on a thin plastic sheet and come flat, so you have to carefully pop them out, and then curl them, and fold the stalks up so they are standing up like a natural plant.

I made two distinctly Coftyran pieces with Harlechs, and a Cryfen LMG, and a Doru SMG.

And two distinctly Crusader pieces with Ryshis and Bogens. 

And then two neutral pieces without any national identifier.


  1. Those turned out excellent - great little pieces.

  2. those look great, love the repurposed pill bottle chaff. I have a boatload of them that I have been saving just waiting for the right moment.