In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pulp: part 2 Gangsters

Pottersville is naturally a violent place with various gangs battling each other and the police for control over the bootlegging. Here is my first gang:

The 'A' gang, run by Antonio Cannelloni (aka "Big Tony the Cannon"). Big Tony (in the straw boater) is a Pulp mini but the rest of his crew are RAFM. I try to give each gang a mix of pistols, tommy guns and a few henchmen armed with only knives or saps, who are usually used to drive the trucks. The truck is another Lledo diecast.

My second gang, the 'B' gang, are run by Brendan (aka 'Bugs') Malarky. A pack of Pulp Minis form the core with a few Steve Barber figures (the shotgun armed gunsel and the black suited torpedo armed with two pistols). Then RAFM figures to flesh them out. The brown van was found in a box of broken toys at a charity shop. I repainted it and gave it new wheels from my bits box.

A close up of Bugs and his crew.

The Tong are the brightest gang. They are all Pulp figures except for their leader, the 'Yellow Dragon' (him in the yellow suit) who was given to me by Rico. I think he might be from Reaper. I don't know. He's originally a vampire, but I filed down his funny bat ears and removed the fangs. I painted them all with ink washes to make the colours pop more.

I gave them more numbers since they rely more heavily on close combat weapons. But the large chopping implements do give them an edge in hand to hand.

A fourth faction I call the 'X-men'. They are a group of extra gangster types who I use as mercenaries to reinforce a gang for a particular scenario. There's extra thugs, a fellow with a sawn off shotgun, more tommy gunners with especially loud suits and yes, that fellow in the middle is wielding two tommy guns. His to hit rolls are terrible, but if he hits anything it really hurts. Mostly spare RAFM figures, but 'Mad Dog' with the dual Thompsons is a Steve Barber figure.

A late addition to the factions is the 'C' gang. 'C' for angry citizens. But they could be striking union members, belligerent dock workers, a vigilante mob, whatever you need. Low on firepower with only two shotguns and the 'plucky kid' with a slingshot in his back pocket, but the baseball bats, crowbar and wrench all give pluses in hand to hand. All Pulp figures.

I made the scrap yard pieces from junk picked up at work (I used to work in a factory) and some extra RAFM cars and other odds and ends. Glued down in a pile. Sprayed black. Dry brush metal and rust. Add sand and weeds. Done. I used my pin vise to put some bullet holes in the scrapped cars.


  1. Good god man, even stripped ties!! Very nice, I may even have some of the same RAFM figures in my Daredevil Adventures collection.

  2. I tried pin striped suits, but my hand isn't that steady!