In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Austrian Cavalry

Got my first brigade of Austrian cavalry and some extra Generals done last night!

4x 6-7 figure units, each representing a 2 squadron 'division'. 1 of hussars, 1 of dragoons and 2 of kurassiers. The hussars and dragoons are made from my buy of Lancashire Figures. 1 bag of troopers (4 figures) and one bag of command (3 figures) for each unit. I hate leaving odd figures behind in the box and Black Powder is pretty flexible with the number of figures. So I just based the ensign as a single and can keep him in the middle of the formation. I've based them on 40mm wide and 30mm deep stands. The same that I use for my ancient armies.

I didn't have any Austrian dragoon figures, so I used some British cavalry instead. I painted them up as DR 37 'Kollowrat.' They were part of the charge that almost won at Mollowitz in 1740, except their Inhaber Romer was killed in the midst of it. They also distinguished themselves at Lobositz, Kolin, Hochkirch, Landeshut and Liegnitz. At Hochkirch they captured the kettle drums of the Jung-Platen Dragoons.

The hussars are HR 'Hadik'. Distinguished at Nachod and Kunersdorf, but disbanded in 1768 when the Empire was trying to economize after the war. Not bad figures but I do prefer my hussars to have a bit more variety in their poses. I do like that their horses seem smaller and of a slighter build than the dragoons. I put them on deeper bases so I could stagger the line at least.

The kurassiers are from KR 22 'Prinz Albert'. The figures are Old Glory. The regiment earned distinctions at Landeshut and Liegnitz.

I generally prefer the animation and detail of the Old Glory figures. The Lancashire figures are soft on the detail and the sameness of the pose is alright for dragoons but not so much for hussars. The metal used is also softer and the horses  and sabers bend quite easily. Their bases are also very narrow and prone to bending due to the soft metal. This necessitated bracing the figures while the glue dried to keep them from falling over. I find the sponge pads used to line blister packs very handy for such tasks. One thing I did like though was that the horses and riders are all one casting, speeding up assembly and eliminating some of the hard to reach spots in painting. But I figure each unit only cost me a total of .50 cents, so I'm not complaining.

I also added a trio of Lancashire generals. Some nice poses I think.

And  a couple of casualty markers I acquired when the casualty figures were included in the big Old Glory bags. Now 19th Century Miniatures sells them separately. I should get one of my Historicon travelling friends to pick me up a bag. So much nicer than casualty caps.

This brings my Austrian force up to 3 1/2 brigades; 1 cavalry, 1 Austrian infantry, 1 Bavarian infantry and half a brigade of Pandours. I'm pretty close to achieving Resolutions 1 and 2 on my list I think. After I do some more commission work I'll paint up the baggage and some more infantry and guns. Another brigade of musketeers and bring the Pandours up to a brigade of 4 or 5 battalions.

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