In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

28mm WW2 Canadians

I just finished this commission for a friend; a company's worth of 28mm Bolt Action British/Canadian infantry. I was quite pleased with the detail of sculpting and lack of flash.

For paints I used Tamiya's Khaki for the uniforms, and Americana Khaki Tan for the webbing. Games Workshop Boltgun for the gun metal and Americana Lampblack for the boots. Cermacoat Burnt Umber for the wooden stocks, boot soles, hair and bases. I then coated everyone in the Army Painter dip. the dip does leave a gloss finish on the figures but it does give a good hard protective coat. One figure fell onto the cement floor during the photo shoot and received nary a scratch or chip!

A couple of NCOs and a Medic
Ron has a nice little company. His two 32 man platoons are amply supported by a 3" mortar from No. 3 platoon, 2 Vickers guns from the Divisional MG battalion and a pair of sniper teams from Battalion HQ. There are enough extra figures to give a Company HQ with Company commander, medic, a CSM, a pair of PIAT teams and a couple of HQ runners. Each platoon has an officer, an NCO with sten gun and three 10 figure sections, each with a bren team and a sten wielding NCO.

The troops all seem to be in heavily camouflaged late war Mk III 'Turtle' helmets. The NCOs and one officer are all carrying the sten. These details make them perfect for North West Europe from D-Day onwards. Ron will have to ignore these things when they fight his Italian paratroopers. For some other opposition he had me paint up  a rather outnumbered quartet of Volksturm, including one old buffer in his WW1 pickelhaulbe. I hope they get some hidden movement!

PIAT teams
The PIAT teams came in both firing and moving. He had me base the prone team on a large GW round base. The brown khaki actually blends into the green flocking rather well.

PIAT team fro another angle

Vickers MMG teams
The Vickers teams came in two variations. The one on the left has the gunner and gun as one casting. With the team on the right the gun was cast separately from the kneeling gunner.

The mortar was nice but like all mortars I found it a bit fiddly to put together.

Scout and Sniper teams

Squaddies with bren team
The riflemen came in a nice variety of poses. I thought the Lee Enfield rifles seemed a bit thick and the Bren guns seemed short, but I haven't been around a real Bren gun for a while. I don't know if these lead figures are still in production actually. They may have been replaced by the new hard plastic set.

An assortment of squaddies

More squaddies
Here are the defenders of the Fatherland. The WW1 veteran even has an Iron Cross on his jacket. I painted that black so it was outlined, then picked out the raised detail with silver and then filled in the center with black again. They need some bicycles for transport and a few panzerfausts too! Or maybe just some white flags...


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