In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


New cover art!
Fans of the Too Fat Lardies world wide were thrilled today to read the news that the long awaited 3rd edition of the popular WW2 rules I Ain't Been Shot Mum has been released for pre-order!

Richard Clarke has been teasing us like a bunch of spotty faced teens at a peep show over the past months with previews of the cover and interior art work. It seems that the Too Fat Lardies (Richard Clarke and Nick Skinner) have piled everything they've learned over the last decade of designing and publishing top quality war games into this latest release.

You can read an interview with them outlining the changes in the 3rd edition here.

Here is a teaser shot of the new interior design:
The production quality has certainly hit world class standards, to match their already excellent game design. TFL fan-boys are hoping this will push the Lardies into the top tier with the big boys with the deep pockets and finally get them the attention their games deserve. Plus full colour diagrams and pictures to explain the rules are always a Good Thing!

Since rumours of IABSM3s release this fall have been circulating for a few months I've been carefully husbanding a commission payment so I could jump on the bandwagon and order the full-Lard deal; hard copy book, tokens and set of pre-printed cards.
sample tokens

preprinted cards

It's a bit of an indulgence. I could carry on using hand written cards and slips of paper to mark AFV damage, but this is a game I'll keep playing and I do like good aesthetics in my games, even if I don't always achieve them. I also ordered a copy of Sharpe Practice against the day when I finally get some paint on my Napoleonics!
So the Facebook message this morning from my friend telling me he had jumped on the pre-order for both of us made up for yesterday's festival of suck at work. Product ships on October 25th.

It's a sunny day out I think I'll go prime the German paratroopers I owe him for all this.

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