In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Foodie Road Trip

Whenever we went to London to pick up bunny supplies, we always stopped in at Angelo's Bakery and Deli to buy some of their fabulous bread and of course, tea snacks. Unlike many grocery store bakeries which just use the same dough in different shapes, Angleo's breads actually taste different and they have some wonderful varieties such as potato, olive and corn breads. When they closed last winter we were quite upset and wondering if we'd ever taste olive bread or their herb-cheese sticks again. About a month ago I had learned from one of the Sales Reps that calls on the Buy Food that Angelo's had reopened in London at the old location.
Road trip!
As soon as my Snugglebunny and I had a Friday afternoon off together we were motoring down to stock up on bread and get some baklava.

While there we admired their smartly displayed imported foods on stylish wooden shelving. The deli counter was long and gleaming. The produce displays were clean, neat and the produce was fresh and crisp. The staff were friendly and helpful. Everything was bright, shiny and up-scale.

We then went around the corner to the Indo-Asian Grocery and Spice Market.

It's tucked in the side of a strip mall. The shelves are pretty industrial. Most of the refrigerator displays didn't have lighting. The water heater was sitting against the wall in the side aisle in between the cheese and bulk ginger. In one corner was a section for Hindu devotional accessories; incense, statues of assorted deities etc.. (Of course Angelo's had a display of Padre Pio devotional candles too.) But it has a wonderful selection of exotic spices and imported ingredients for anyone interested in exploring Indian cooking.

We found some interesting frozen samosas. Some of the varieties on offer required deep-frying, but the ones we bought were, as the box cheerfully states, 'ovenable'. The price, at $2.49 for 8 fat samosa plus tamrind sauce, was pretty reasonable.

We also found a 450g block of paneer cheese for only $4.99. We've made our own paneer at home and considering how much milk is required, this was a steal.

Snugglebunny wants to go back after she's had a chance to peruse her Indian cookbooks to make a list of spices she's missing.

This week she used the paneer to make Anupy Singla's sag paneer recipe in the slow-cooker. See my earlier post about her book here.

Sag paneer is curried spinach with chunks of paneer cheese. Anupy's recipe is extremely hot. We thought too hot, although having it the second night with some plain roast chicken helped. Next try Snugglebunny will tone down the peppers. The samosas turned out really nice with an excellent potato and veg filling.

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