In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

JTF 2, Chimos and more Timmys

A medley of finished pieces for the Afghanistan project.

First up, some JTF2 operators.

Naturally these guys don't stand around for photo ops, but a video from the Canadian Armed Forces shows them looking a lot like US Navy SEALs in the DEVGRU kit and very dusty and subdued looking, so I tried for the same look. One of each of Elheim Figures three packs plus the special edition figure gives me 13 operators to add to the sniper team. They can keep busy trying to rescue this guy, a downed pilot.

Next is the Wartime Figures (which Elheim also sells) EOD set.
A sapper (sappers are nicknamed "Chimos" in the Canadian Army, it's an Innu word apparently) with mine detector and a sniffer dog.
The dog handler is a previously painted Canadian rifleman. The suspicious digging\ IED marker is from Mikey. He got a few mine field markers from his Battlefront North Africa stuff and gave me one.

The Wartime set also includes an EOD tech, seen here defusing one of my homemade IED markers.
Next up are reinforcements for the Taliban (nicknamed Timmy by Canadian troops).
The Wartime insurgents with support weapons pack gave me two LMGs, two RPGs, another sniper and a fellow with a grenade launcher on his AK.
The Wartime insurgents with AKs gave me some more figure variation.
Then three packs of Elheim Figures TAL03n, local Taliban with AKs, another pack of RPGs and the pack TAL33 Taliban with PKM LMG to boost my fighters.

These additions give my Taliban 6 more fireteams, or a 120% increase in troop strength.

Naturally the new Black Ops  from Osprey have piqued my interest for the special forces actions.


  1. Well done...your operators look great, they would work for both JTF and CSOR...

    1. Thanks! I had no idea what CSOR look like, I assumed they'd be more regular infantry looking, but knowing this is cool.

    2. If it helps, here's some inspiration pics I used for some similar painting...and my results.


    3. Nice work! I referenced the PIC with the faces whited out too!
      Your Leopards are pretty cool too!

    4. Thanks...I think I might have a couple more that I took that day.

  2. Really, really nice project.Love your work.I will start following you from now. :)

  3. Very nice work as always James, even if, on that grid, it looks like a scene from Tron. Did you paint them or just program the Holodeck?
    Thanks for the link to the JTF video, I've not seen that before. Very cool stuff.
    See you soon.