In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bigger Lion Rampant game

Had Patrick over last night. I decided on Lion Rampant because I was in the mood to set up a goodly pile of my mediaeval terrain.

I decided to do something bigger too, to try some new troop types and also how the game would flow. So from my late mediaeval collection I was able to build two retinues of French to fight an alliance of English and Burgundian retinues. I took the retinues from the back of the book, except the English and Burgundian Men-at-Arms were mounted being on chavauchee, and for the French their crossbow units were both equipped with pavises because that's what I have. One unit of French Mounted Sergeants was armed with crossbows too, again due to collection limitations. I am lacking in lighter Sergeants, Hobilars or Coustilier type figures.

So I set up stuff more to try and look good, then figured out the scenario and armies after. The village of Petits Lapins en Bois:

The new church, Ste Marie dans Les Lapins

Liberal usage of lichen to dress things up helped soften the edges of fields etc.

Some of the locals:
Ordering some new cookware from the smith

"Oo, Edith did you hear about Stephane and Marie?"
"I don't suppose this lot will help get the harvest in?"
Down stream is my 30-something year old Mill:

I really ought to finish painting my Miller figure.

I made the river fordable at the sandy island. Armies started in opposite corners with the Anglo-Burgundian force wanting to burn the village.

French army by the bridge
Anglo-burgundian raiders come out of woods
Close up of English
The Goddons swarmed out of the woods and pushed towards the village. The Burgundian retinue detached the unit of bidets (skirmishing handgunners in this instance) and some archers across the river to burn the Mill. The crossbows got despatched to hold the central ford and protect the flank. Meanwhile the French sent one retinue into the village and one towards the Mill. The retinue crossing the bridge promptly stalled at the tavern for several turns. The other force saw the Mounted sergeants thunder off to the mill while the rest marched fitfully through the fields. Unsupported, the sergeants delayed the Burgundian arson but eventually succumbed to archery.

Burgundian bidets and archers set about looting and burning
The English also became equally strung out due to failed activation rolls.

Mid-game, English and French entering opposite ends of the village

The Burgundian crossbows at the ford engaged in a firefight with the French crossbows across the river. Despite the pavises on the French and low activation roll for crossbows, my troops seemed to be belt fed and thoroughly shot up the French, driving them back from the river several times.

Meanwhile, English and French troops were entering the village. One unit of longbows seemed to have forgotten their flints and took a long time to set a cottage on fire.

"'Er now Bert, you was supposed to bring the flints!"
The English and French chivalry now faced off on the edge of the village beside the church. I brought another unit of longbows up to support, but the "Wild Charge" rule had my knights crashing ahead without waiting. Patrick kept failing his counter change rolls, so I bundled his knights back, destroying them in a few turns of melee.

The French mounted crossbows clattered down the lane on the other side of the church to be met by my Expert sergeants, who decided to get stuck in rather than let the French shoot.

"Ooo look Edith, ain't they handsome!"
Without any support or room to move the light cavalry were destroyed by the English billmen.

The French sergeants pushed up the laneway next to engage the English billmen. English archers then entered the church yard and quickly looted and burned the church so they could line the hedge to flank the French.

Melee in the lane
At this stage Patrick conceded the game.

End game
End game at the Mill
Considering the size I thought the game rolled along nicely. The activation rolls add a nice bit of friction and uncertainty. I have also suspended my prejudice against rules with set unit sizes. It does aid in the simplicity. Although the observant among you will notice that my foot sergeants are 16 figure units, not 12. I had been getting out my archers and just naturally grabbed 4 stand units forgetting to count the figures, but it didn't cause problems, just a bit of math.

I did forget to add in some chivalric boasts though which might have added more flavour. Although I'm not sure if the French would have achieved any.


  1. That's a grand looking set-up. The addition of the villagers really pushes it to 11.

    It sounds like a fun game too. I've always wanted to try Lions Rampant but have never gotten around to buying it... well, another thing to add to my ambitious wish list.

    1. Thanks but to kick it up to 11 I need some farm animals.
      I could've put a wagon or two out though.