In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Five Core

I accompanied Mikey to a small game day in nearby Brantford last Saturday, Over the Top hosted by the Lords of the North game club. A dozen tables, maybe 60 people and a couple of dealers.

I wasn't running my game until after lunch so I prowled the hall checking out the games. A couple of guys with a very compact board did a hard sell on their game so I figured why not and got Keith and Barry to join me.
The board is maybe 2x3 feet

The game was 15mm, Soviet Airborne vs Mujahedin and used the Five Core rules from Nordic Weasel Press. Each of us ran a 5 figure section and a BMD IFV of Soviets. So a platoon in a tight urban area.

Ready to assault the objective

The game rattled along quite briskly and the game mechanics achieved battlefield friction, suppression and morale in very interesting ways with minimal dice rolling. I can see that after you memorise a few key things like how many dice each weapon uses, you wouldn't need to look anything up! I was quite impressed and am intrigued by the sound of the slightly bigger scoped No End in Sight, which says it will handle a platoon plus supports and emphasises the leaders and the stress of command.

The only drawback is that the rules are only in PDF format (available from Wargames Vault) and I find PDFs disappear into my hard drive or tablet to be forgotten!

Some other random pics from the show:

Flint and Feather 

Sharp Practice 

Big Napoleonic action using Might of Arms and 1/72 scale plastic figures 

Charlie Company Vietnam game

Big DBA!

ACW with Black Powder 

Rapid Fire?

Call Sign 21 having another rough day at the office
I used card activation this time which worked well. Still need to tweak it and think more on adding in a card for when other stuff like indirect fire or medevacs arrive. Since I was running the Taliban the Canadians did OK: two prisoners and no KIAs.


  1. Order them than scan the pdf into an online printer n have the rules delivered 8)

  2. Thanks for the post James. It was good to see you there at the event and you do a lot of great work for our community.

  3. Some nice looking games there. Interesting to see the Soviet era Afghan game. Glad to hear your game went well - no surprise, you have a perfect convention game there.

    1. Well the rules are still pretty pants. I'd like the action to get somewhere in the middle of the table. Instead of the Canadians only getting a foot or two in.