In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Platoon Weapons Detachment and more!

My Carl Gustav team and GPMG team, plus additional fire team members, a second ANA section, and assorted local characters are done!

I finally got the Afghan merchant with goods that I'd gotten a long time back ( last October when I'd ordered the big influx of Taliban reinforcements) done up while painting the dickers. One of the dickers is sitting talking on a cell phone so I used some spare boxes and an extra weapons cache to make him an arms merchant. Maybe he's calling a customer or getting the grocery list to bring home, maybe he's reporting the location of the ISAF patrol?

War Time figure on left, Elheim dicker with added market goods on right

I added some boxes to the War Time Figures merchant too. After priming I realised the top box had some old glue so I made the book out of folded paper to cover that up.

Patrolling the market 

ANA ask questions in the market. Another from the Dicker pack is sitting by the corner of the building, talking into a cell phone

Stopping a fellow with a suspicious bag

I hope to be able to build in some aspect of questioning the locals and maybe having the ANA or the interpreter along will boost the intelligence gathering.

On patrol again 

Weapons Detachment

C6 GPMG team

Carl Gustav team

Better view of packs

Close up of the painted C7 I had to sculpt on

And the Taurus ARV is now complete with the addition of a TC in the open hatch 

And lurking in the shadows 
IED planter


  1. Great looking minis and vehicle, love the impressive Taurus ARV...

  2. They all look great! Well done. And cool photography too.
    The merchant is my favourite -- that sort of flavour adds a lot to a gaming table.

  3. Superb- the traders are a great addition.



  4. Fabulous stuff, mate. Your Afghan project goes from strength to strength. I wonder if anyone actually humped a CarlG in Afghanistan? Perhaps for blowing in compound doors ...

    1. Yes they did!
      They were handy for engaging grape huts.