In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Angmar on the March!

Had a brain storm the other week and decided to use my NWF mountains for Middle Earth mountains too. Gives a bit more drama to the table and helps define the edges more (especially if I'm not using the entire table top).

My oldest friend Chris was down last weekend to help coach my squadron rifle team, but Saturday night was beer drinking and dice rolling. I decided to put out my new Middle Earth troops for some light and easy Dragon Rampant.

True to form all the new shiny got beat. Orcs got shot up by Elf scouts, the Trolls charged the Elf spears and broke, the Dwarves got destroyed by dragon fire and even Fingol with his shiny sword was grievously wounded in a duel with Morithol, resulting in the elves retiring behind their scouts and relinquishing the river crossing to Angmar. Of course, late in the game I realised that I'd forgotten about the expensive"invisible" upgrade on the scouts and ent, which would have saved them some fiery dragon breath!
Scouts and ent harass Angmar right flank 

Trolls charge elf spearmen 

Scouts shoot up orcs holding Angmar left flank 

General action along the river, Fingol and Morithol duel

This week though I've been able to finish off the second company of Orcs and the rest of the Trolls (who had been fighting with unfinished bases).

I am reminded of my very first lead figures. Purchased from the Squadron Shop in Detroit back in Grade 7 or 8. A pack of Der Kreigspieler "Fantastiques" orcs of the Misty Mountains. Even though they are long out of production, some thoughtful soul has put the original catalogue and many pictures up on the Internet.

Three of each pose. I was so excited by those 6 crude figures! I pored over that unillustrated catalogue listing a lot, day dreaming of more and someday refighting the Battle of the Five Armies, Helm's Deep or the Dwarf Goblin Wars. I never added to them obviously and they got sent to the box of D&D heros and monsters that grew during High school. But this latest project represents a bit of a return to those early day dreams.


  1. Fantastique indeed! You've done a great job on these Vendel figures - I have been meaning to comment on them for quite a while. The elves are especially lovely - your brushwork on the shields and banner is top notch. The scenery works well with them, I think.

    1. Cheers mate.
      I am trying to move beyond a flat green table and get something that hints of Middle Earth.

  2. I remember those Kriegspieler Orcs! I had a dozen or so dwarves.

  3. Great looking game and figures. Interesting to see the old castings too.