In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Ride for Ruin and the World's Ending!

I have now, it appears, a tidy little force of Rohirrim  (or Goths, depending upon who they are fighting). Plus my lonely Games Workshop Rider, who I bought 18 years ago as an indulgence, now has friends. Freinds are good, right?
If I tool the GW figure up as a hero, give the foot javelins and add in my ubiquitous early medieval archers,  I can field a 40 point eored/retinue/war band without much trouble.

I dislike the monochromatic look of the movie Rohirrim, and I do want these to be convincing Goths, so I have varied the shield and clothing colours. Horse motifs show up a lot naturally, but the Goths were a horse people so it seems legit to me. Plus there are some serpents or dragons and a couple of birds to add variety. You will note that there are no black horses, that's because Mordor has stolen all the blacks.

As you can see with the infantry,  I figured out how to make a decent spear fighting pose and managed to get enough for two 12 figure units with 7 extra. I've based the two units on 40mm square bases to get a properly crowded shieldwall look. The 7 extras are on the usual 25mm washers. They can wrangle baggage, stand sentry,  make a unit of skirmishers or join my 5 female villagers to make another 12 figure unit.

The infantry, being lower status, have duller clothes and simpler shields. Except for the captain on foot, with mail, a helemmet and gold shield design. He is made from a Wargames Factory Celt chieftain body, WF German head, Gripping Beast Goth helmet plume and a metal shield from my bits box.

Looking at my Games Workshop Rider now, I think he needs a base redecoration.