In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Tuesday, October 5, 2021


Due to rain and illness I've had a couple of days mostly to myself to spend painting. What with the excitement of getting my 3D printed orcs with polearms from Knucklebones Miniatures (on Patreon and Facebook), these lads jumped to the front of the line. 

They painted up very quickly too, despite all of the details!

To be fair, they were a nice palette cleanser after months of Napoleonics.
The detail as you can see is really quite wonderful.
After gluing to washers and priming I gave them a liberal coating of runny burnt umber. Then I dry brushed the armour before blocking in skin, leather straps and tunics (if they had one). The tunics and shields were black with grey dry brushing. There's lots of lovely sword cuts to the shields to show these are hard boys.
The skin is cashmere tan blocked in over the burnt umber base coat, then given a sepia ink wash. The armour is bolt gun metal with a sepia wash and then chainmail highlights.

The boots are honey brown with chocolate brown straps, and sometimes metal plates, all given a sepia wash.

The studded leather hanging from this fellow's helmet was quite a challenge, especially in the recess between shoulder and halberd shaft.
These are all one piece prints. You couldn't get poses like this with one piece castings in metal, let alone plastic,

The second unit is undercoated, but I'll finish the last of my Bavarians (I'm in the home stretch with them) for Oktoberfest, before doing the second dozen Orcs for Orctoberfest!

I will try to get them on the table for a game of Dragon Rampant this weekend if time allows.


  1. I like 'em, James. They do seem a bit pale though. Just your choice?

    1. My Vendel orcs are darker, but I prefer the lighter skin. You can see them better IMO.
      Orcs are in LotR are just described as "swart" JRRT doesn't specify exactly how dark the skin.
      Lots of historical units were called "black" in reference to uniform banner or shield colour.

    2. That all makes sense. I recall those references from LOTR. They are corrupted elves in the background. Morgoth corrupted some elves and that changed their physiography somehow.

  2. These have turned out really well indeed.
    Is there a way of buying them without printing them yourself?

    1. Someone might buy a license for 3rd party printing and selling.
      Or get a friend who likes to play with a printer?